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As The Walking Dead winds to a close for its seventh season, all eyes are on hints of what is to come in Season 8 and beyond. Fans of the show are quick to pick up on the slightest nod to something out of the ordinary, however it seems that there is one Easter Egg with a lot of "bite" that was right in front of our eyes — a direct reference to Steven Spielberg's .

Eagle-eyed viewers are normally pretty good at picking up the trail of the egg hunt on , however, it appears we missed one. Showrunner and SFX maestro/director have littered pastiches in several episode of 's romp, and spotting them is the height of TWD nerd points. For those scrolling back to the most recent episode of the current season, you will need to dust off your old DVDs, this one comes from way back in 2015.

License And Registration Please

'Jaws' [Universal Pictures]
'Jaws' [Universal Pictures]

The scene comes in Season 5's finale "Conquer," when a budding bromance blooms between Daryl and Aaron on a scavenger hunt gone wrong. The latter has a cute hobby of collecting license plates with his partner Eric, so when hunting for supplies, Aaron decides to take a break and do said hobbying.

While indulging in some mindless vandalism and pulling the plates off cars, Greg Nicotero reports that one of the plates seen is an exact replica of the license plate pulled from the jaws of Jaws.

Speaking in the interview, Nicotero confirmed the news, but also teased that he doesn't plan on stopping his very own hobby:

“In [the] two-seasons-ago finale when Daryl and Aaron are collecting license plates, we got a replica of the license plate from Jaws that they cut out of the shark and put it on one of the cars. I always put little things in there for myself just kind of for fun.”

The zombie wizard also teases that there may be more homages hiding in plain sight:

“Listen, there may have been an Alien egg in the background, there might be Freddy Krueger’s claw in one…”

Someone must have sprayed us all with shark repellent, because talk about well hidden. As far as I am aware, this is the first we have heard of the license plate Easter Egg, but cue someone saying, "I saw it all along."

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From tributes to Day of the Dead and Creepshow, Johnny Depp's head and a possible Donald Trump, The Walking Dead likes to keep us on our toes, forcing us not to snooze in those action-less scenes of Rick huffing into the distance. Tune in for the season finale to see who gets the chop in Negan's war, and keep 'em peeled for any "whispers" of what else could be on the horizon when the show returns.

Check out the trailer for the Season 7 finale, and don't forget our poll below!


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