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thinks that ' How to Train Your Dragon 2 is going to be an "incredible" movie. The This Is the End actor is back to voice the character of Hiccup in the sequel 2012's How to Train Your Dragon, alongside the likes of , , , and , and while he describes the first installment of the adventure animation as one of the greatest flicks ever, he believes that the next one will offer something special.

In a recent inteview with /Film, the thesp revealed:

It took us three bloody years to do the first one so it's a piecemeal process. I've been working on Dragon 2, on and off, for the past year and a half now. And boy is it ever something special. I truly adore the first one. I think it's one of the greatest flicks ever. Period. And one of my proudest moments. So it's no hyperbole when I say we smoke the first one with number two.

It's going to be pretty incredible in every way. The emotional content, the action sequences, it's everything it's supposed to be and then some. It's really going to be a pretty incredible, beautiful flick. People will go buy tickets, see this movie, and be taken on a journey like they've never been on.

I'm believing Baruchel because the television spin-off, Dreamworks' Dragons: Riders of Berk, is such a consistently great show. If they can do that on a television budget, they should really be able to knock it out of the park for a feature movie. And while I can't expect the sequel to be better, I can't wait to see Hiccup and Toothless in 3D on the big screen again.

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