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The season finale of The Flash aired last night, and we're still recovering from all those awesome and shocking revelations. That Flashpoint cliffhanger definitely takes the award for biggest finale twist, but we shouldn't forget the unmasking of the mysterious character Zoom had imprisoned (fondly referred to by fans as the Man in the Iron Mask).

This turned out to be the real Jay Garrick, whom Hunter Zoloman impersonated to become Earth-2's Flash. And he turned out to be Henry Allen's doppelgänger, a twist on the comic version of the character who was the Earth-2 counterpart of Barry Allen's uncle.

It wasn't really explained in depth, but it seems as though Jay Garrick took his mother's maiden name as a surname, perhaps because he grew up without a father. Hopefully all of this will be clarified in Season 3 (and there's already a long list of questions we want answered next season).

Will We See Jay In Season 3?

Considering so much of Season 2 dealt with Earth-2 and the man we thought was Jay Garrick, it seems unlikely that the real Jay will take a starring role next season. However, this is far too big of a reveal to just throw in as a gimmick, and it's likely we'll see him somehow.

It all depends on how Barry's Flashpoint reset affects the other worlds in the multiverse.

Jay Garrick, revealed.
Jay Garrick, revealed.

Because he saved his mother, it's (probably) safe to assume that in this new timeline Barry isn't the Flash yet, because before Reverse Flash killed Barry's mother, he didn't become the Flash until much later on (hence why Eobard Thawn impersonated Harrison Wells).

So if this is now the case, then Barry never opened the breaches to Earth-2, and all of Season 2 didn't happen. Which means Jay Garrick might still be trapped in Zoom's lair in Season 3.

The Man in the Iron Mask
The Man in the Iron Mask

Alternatively, Earth-2 might be safe from Barry's reset, as it exists in a parallel universe. Which means that Season 3 might see Jay Garrick on Earth-2 with Harrison and Jessica, trying to find his way back to his own world: Earth-3.

Either way, we might actually see two characters played by John Wesley Shipp in Season 3 — both the real Jay Garrick and the now-alive Henry Allen. (Just how many father figures can Barry have?!)

Earth-3 And The Justice Society

Because Season 2 dealt with the multiverse so much, it's possible that they'll take a break from this in Season 3. But there's another way we could see Jay Garrick — as a member of the Justice Society in Legends of Tomorrow Season 2.

Just in case you're not watching this glorious train wreck of a show, the Legends of Tomorrow finale introduced Rex Tyler a.k.a. Hourman, a member of the Justice Society. In the comics, the Justice Society was Earth-2's answer to the Justice League, with Jay Garrick's Flash as a founding member.

It's highly likely that the Justice Society doesn't actually exist on the TV version of Earth-2, because that probably would have played into the plot of Season 2. However, now we have another Earth to contend with. And because Jay Garrick comes from Earth-3, it seems likely that that's where Hourman, and the Justice Society, come from too.

The Justice Society on Earth-2.
The Justice Society on Earth-2.

So, Jay Garrick as the Earth-3 Justice Society Flash in Legends of Tomorrow Season 2? It seems possible! But then again, anything is at this stage. We'll just have to wait and see, but it's highly likely we haven't seen the last of good old Jay yet.

Do you want to see Jay Garrick return as the Flash?


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