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If you're like me and eagerly anticipating the return of Jay Garrick to The Flash, then prepare yourself for some even greater news — Garrick will feature more prominently in the back half of Season 3. The Golden Age Flash made his official on-screen debut in the Season 2 finale and has since popped up in the Season 3 episode "Paradox." He has returned for the mid-season finale "The Present" where The Flash himself travels to Earth-3.

In a recent interview actor John Wesley Shipp revealed that we would be seeing more of the veteran speedster. Speaking of the hints dropped to Garrick's past, Shipp revealed:

"Those hints keep being dropped. I mean, it’s very interesting to me, and I’m going to figure in more prominently in the second half of the season than the first."

Despite a few appearances, Garrick's Flash has become a fan-favorite, and his more prominent role will definitely go down well with fans. And here's why more of Jay Garrick in The Flash Season 3 is definitely a good thing.

A Father Figure For Barry

As John Wesley Shipp previously portrayed Henry Allen on the show for the first two seasons, before the character was killed off, it came as a shock to everyone — especially Barry — when it was revealed that Jay Garrick was his father's Earth-3 doppelgänger. Since Henry's death, Barry has ended up making some controversial decisions which have had some devastating effects — none more so than the creation of the Flashpoint timeline.

Flash of Two Worlds: Garrick and Barry Allen. (via The CW)
Flash of Two Worlds: Garrick and Barry Allen. (via The CW)

Before Barry could do more damage to the timeline by trying to undo the effects of Flashpoint, he was rebuked by Jay Garrick who gave him a major dose of truth. Garrick practically told him that his constant timeline meddling was an abuse of his speed power. And although he was quite sharp about it, it was some darn good advice.

Barry listened to Jay and decided to live with the timeline he had altered rather than change it again. This highlighted the power of Jay's wisdom and how it seemed to have resonated with him. Whether it was just speedster to speedster, or man to man, Garrick's words made Barry see things clearer. Thus, you could say that Garrick took on a fatherly role and helped guide the younger speedster toward the right path. And because of this, a presence like Garrick's is something Barry is going to need in order to fully develop into the hero we know he is. And with the scarlet speedster having a really hard time this season — not to mention the promise of another major timeline event — I couldn't think of anyone better to help guide him through it than the man with his father's face — Jay Garrick.

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Two Flashes Are Better Than One

Having Jay Garrick feature more prominently wouldn't just benefit Barry emotionally, it would significantly help him out in the field. Because, like the Season 3 trailer reminded us — two Flashes are better than one. Something Barry will surely keep in mind as the two end up facing off against Savitar.

Flashes: Jay Garrick and Barry Allen prepare to take on Savitar. (via The CW)
Flashes: Jay Garrick and Barry Allen prepare to take on Savitar. (via The CW)

So while Garrick will be returning to help Barry, Shipp also revealed that "we get to see his reaction to Savitar." How will the Golden Age Flash react to the new big bad? Moreover, with Savitar claiming to be a "god of speed" and backing it up with his incredible velocity, we might just need a heck of a lot of to stop him. With this timeline's debut of Kid Flash, the impending return of Jesse Quick and now, the return of Jay Garrick, we may just see an amazing team of speedsters coming together to take down the speed god.

A Brand New Lineup Of Villains

While Garrick has appeared on the show multiple times before, the character does not inhabit the same universe as the rest of the show's main characters. In fact, Jay informed us that he is from Earth-3. And with a new Earth, comes some new villains.

Joker is that you? Mark Hamill re-appears as Earth-3's Trickster. (via The CW)
Joker is that you? Mark Hamill re-appears as Earth-3's Trickster. (via The CW)

Remember when Zoom showed up from Earth-2 last season, he brought along with him a host of new threats, including Sand Demon and Black Siren. Thus, it's highly likely that we will see some familiar faces return throughout the season, reprising their roles but as their Earth-3 counterparts.

We already know that Garrick's return to the series in the mid-season finale will be due to Barry's trip to Earth-3. And during this time, the pair run into Earth-3's Trickster, played phenomenally by Mark Hamill. While he may look like Hamill's iconic role of the Joker, he is still very much as tricky as his Earth-1 counterpart. So the question is, will his appearance bring with it other threats from Earth-3? I hope so!

John Wesley Shipp

For the first two seasons, John Wesley Shipp's recurring appearances as Henry Allen were the heart and soul of the series. Whether Barry needed to see his wrongly imprisoned father in Season 1 or the newly acquitted Henry came to visit him in Season 2, their scenes together always had the ability to move us so deeply.

John Wesley Shipp as Henry Allen in 'The Flash' Season 1. (via The CW)
John Wesley Shipp as Henry Allen in 'The Flash' Season 1. (via The CW)

And while a major part of this was down to Grant Gustin's amazing performances, the other man responsible for this amazing response was the incomparable John Wesley Shipp. Having starred as the scarlet speedster in the 1990 series of The Flash, Shipp brought an authenticity to the roles he portrayed on the 2014 series. And whether he was portraying Henry or Jay, Shipp always delivered.

However, his absence on the show this season has left a very big hole in the show. While some claim that season isn't as strong because of the lack of familial cornerstones with both of Barry's parents now being dead, it could be down to the lack of John Wesley Shipp. And that is why his more prominent role in the second half of Season 3 just may bring him back into our lives on a recurring basis. And that, is most definitely a good thing!

Welcome back, Jay Garrick!
Welcome back, Jay Garrick!

With the confirmation that Jay Garrick will play more of a prominent role in the second half of The Flash Season 3, its easy to see why Shipp's returning presence will greatly benefit the show. Having played such a prominent role in previous seasons, it just wouldn't have been the same without his recurring appearances. While he may not portraying Henry Allen in his return, his role of Jay Garrick opens up some really exciting opportunities for the show. While Season 3 has primarily focused on the after-effects of Flashpoint, Jay Garrick will provide us with fresh, compelling storylines, while offering advice and wisdom to Barry at the same time. Welcome back Jay!

Are you excited to hear of Jay Garrick's prominent role in the second half of The Flash Season 3? Let us know in the comments!

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