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This is major breaking news, guys: The rapper formerly known as Jay Z is dead. Well, kind of. After scoring a tear-inducing, beautiful tribute from the former President, Barack Obama, and introducing two new mini-humans into the hallowed Carter clan, and ahead of his next album release — a visual album entitled 4:44 — the rapper has changed his name. Again.

Four years after Sean Carter dropped the hyphen from his then stage persona — from Jay-Z to Jay Z — he's making minimal changes again. This time though, he isn't dropping anything; it's more — I think, anyway — that he wants you to alter the way you say his name. He wants you to scream it. BECAUSE IT'S ALL CAPS, BABY.

Jay Z, step to the side. Hyphen, climb out of 2013's bin. Introducing the re-hyphenated, big letter pimpin', all new JAY-Z. What a time to be alive.

4:44 by JAY-Z arrives exclusively to Tidal June 30.

Would you officially change your name to all caps?

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