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Back in the '80s and '90s, Jean-Claude Van Damme made a name for himself around the world for punching, kicking, stabbing and shooting his way through bad guys in numerous action movies. Now however, his son is making headlines for a violent real-life altercation. The action star's youngest son, Nicholas Van Varenberg, was recently arrested for allegedly holding his roommate at knifepoint. Yes, the story is as it insane as it sounds without context.

According to court documents, Tempe police were called to an apartment building for a escalating situation on Sunday, September 10. Van Varenberg was reportedly caught on CCTV punching the building's elevator, injuring his hand, and then walking away, leaving a trail of blood behind him.

Police followed that trail to his apartment and checked on Van Varenberg and his roommate, but left when seeing that both were OK. Seems fine, right? Wrong. That's where things got ugly. Van Varenberg supposedly got angry at his roommate for opening the door for police, stating he disliked them. From there, it escalated into a violent confrontation, and the police were called back to the building after complaints of noise and yelling. And for a second time, they left.

According to court documents, the roommate then ran downstairs and called police from the lobby, stating Van Varenberg was "extremely paranoid."

For a third time, officers arrived back at the building, where the roommate claimed that Van Varenberg had been licking his own blood from his injured hand and acting manic and paranoid. Despite his efforts to explain to Van Varenberg that police had been in their apartment just to make sure they were ok, JCVD's son allegedly turned off the lights before going into their kitchen to grab a knife. After that, he reportedly started threatening his roommate with it.

According to court papers, Van Varenberg forced his roommate into his room, but the roommate eventually calmed him down enough to let him go. At that point, the roommate reportedly took the opportunity to escape, which is when he ran downstairs to call police and Van Varenberg locked himself in the unit.

Police went up to the apartment and found the knife allegedly used to attack the victim and marijuana. Van Varenberg was then charged with suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, unlawful imprisonment, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia—some fairly serious charges. He appeared in court without a lawyer, and bond was set at a whopping $10,000. The bond was paid (whether by or not, we don't know) and he's since been released until his hearing.

Van Varenberg is expected to appear in a preliminary hearing scheduled for September 20. Neither Van Damme nor his son's mother, Darcy Lapier, have made statements about the situation, but either way, yikes. Let's hope that whatever is going on with their son and is addressed and he gets the help he needs.

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