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It has been almost twenty years since we first saw The Dude () and Walter () hanging out at the bowling alley in the cult classic, . (Remember the brilliant scene in the video below?)

Goodman was recently honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and long-time pal Bridges revived his fan-favorite character to deliver a beautifully touching speech.

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Bridges walked up to the podium wearing a nifty suit before he switched out his swanky blue jacket for his character's signature cardigan sweater, to which an elated crowd cheered and a perplexed Goodman managed to blurt out, "Wow!"

From there, Bridges began his eloquent speech for the Walk Of Fame recipient and any Lebowski fan immediately recognized the homage to Walter's eulogy for 's character Donny in the film as a basis for Bridges's speech.

'The Big Lebowski' [Credit: Gramercy Pictures]
'The Big Lebowski' [Credit: Gramercy Pictures]

He began by jokingly referring to Goodman as "Walter" and figured out where the veteran actor must have gotten his surname, saying:

"He’s a good actor, he’s a good man... John Goodman"

He continued with a quick heartfelt summary of Goodman's accomplishments, complete with many instances of The Dude's trademark usage of "man":

“He’s one of us, he loves the outdoors and acting. As a showman, he has explored the stages from Los Angeles to New York — we’re talking Broadway here, man — he’s done some weird little movies, too. And he’s lived, like so many men in prior generations have lived their lives. He is a man of his times, a man of our times, and he has become a legend.”

Goodman stood behind him, laughing hysterically all throughout. Bridges then concluded his tribute with a twist on one of the film's most famous lines during the Donny eulogy:

“In accordance with what we think may be your final wishes, we have committed to these sidewalks in Hollywood — in the bosom of Hollywood that you love so well — a star... A star for you, a star because we love you so well … what time is it? Afternoon? Good afternoon, my sweet prince.”

'The Big Lebowski' [Credit: Gramercy Pictures]
'The Big Lebowski' [Credit: Gramercy Pictures]

John Goodman has appeared in a large number of films throughout his career, including another collaboration with the Coen Brothers, O Brother Where Art Thou, in 2000, as well as the -winning Argo.

Goodman also stars in with and , which is currently in theaters.

Check out the trailer below:

(Source: TIME)

How much did you love Jeff Bridges's speech?

'The Big Lebowski' [Credit: Gramercy Pictures]
'The Big Lebowski' [Credit: Gramercy Pictures]


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