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Ah, food trucks; the coolest way to consume over-priced food in a hot parking lot. The food truck trend has captured the hearts of hipsters and food snobs all over the Western world, taking what used to be a cheap way to get a decent taco and turning it into an Instagram-worthy trend. But you know what would make a food truck even cooler? Jeff Goldblum.

In what can only be described as a typical Jeff Goldblum move, the actor decided to do just that. Dubbing himself "Chef" Goldblum for the day, he took to the streets of Sydney, Australia to serve up "jazzy snags" (that's "fancy sausages" for you non-Aussies) to eager fans. As if the prospect of free food wasn't enticing enough!

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Jeff Goldblum Was Doing What Now?

You'd think Goldblum would be too busy preparing for his part as a dog in Wes Anderson's upcoming Isle Of Dogs, or perhaps to reprise his role as Dr. Ian Malcolm for Jurassic World 2, but apparently not. The Hollywood star teamed up with local Sydney food truck The Fancy Banger to give back to the people in the form of processed meat products in bread, and allow fans touch his most precious face.

[Credit: Twitter/@eljaydo]
[Credit: Twitter/@eljaydo]

The pop-up truck was donned "Chef Goldblum's Jazzy Snags," and was serving up both meat and vegetarian sausages, chorizo burgers and tasty sandwiches. He even offered one customer a song with her meal:

Why Was Jeff Goldblum Handing Out Free Sausages?

Goldblum revealed to one curious customer that he was in fact doing research for an upcoming project that has "something to do with food":

Goldblum insisted that he was "not allowed to say anything more about it," so the nature of this secret project is anyone's guess. Is he going to be playing a food truck worker in an upcoming film? Is he launching his own food truck? His own line of sausages? Let's hope all is revealed soon!


Would you accept a free sausage from Jeff Goldblum?

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