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If you don't know, Jeff Goldblum has been cast as the Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok. The announcement came some time ago, but Goldblum has kept to himself in regards to the details surrounding his character's purpose in the film.

However, a recent Instagram post by Jeff Goldblum shows him studying up for his role — very big shoes to fill. What's so interesting is that the photo gives us a very good idea of what the Grandmaster's purpose in Thor: Ragnarok may be.

Is The Comic In The Photo A Hint?

In the image, Goldblum can be seen reading a copy of The Mighty Thor #374, a comic which is of no relevance to the Grandmaster — but the comic does feature Hela quite prominently, who will be played by Cate Blanchett in Thor: Ragnarok.

Why is Goldblum reading comics geared towards his Ragnarok cast-mates rather than himself? Maybe he's reading up on all relevant Marvel comics that allude to Thor's journey, in order to adequately prepare for the role of Grandmaster.

As an accomplished actor, Goldblum understands that taking on a role in a movie franchise like the Marvel Cinematic Universe requires a precise amount of research. By studying comics outside of the main storyline that pertains to the character he is playing, Goldblum is able to better understand the stage set up for him.

To prepare for his role, Goldblum very likely read multiple volumes of Marvel comics featuring Grandmaster. He would probably be required by production to read up on the role beforehand anyway, but if Goldblum really took the time to read far into the mythos, then Thor: Ragnarok could see at least one of these plot threads being explored...

The Grandmaster, Marvel Comics.
The Grandmaster, Marvel Comics.

Potential Grandmaster Character Arcs To Be Explored:

Grandmaster Reunites With His Brother, The Collector

Grandmaster is a brother to the Collector; they are both "Elders Of The Universe." In the comics, these are cosmic beings so old that no one can even remember their origins anymore. As ancient cosmic beings, the Elders Of The Universe possess abilities equal to that or greater than the powers imbued in someone brandishing a completed Infinity Gauntlet. That's saying a lot when the Infinity Gauntlet has the ability to alter reality forever.

Speculations aside, a reunion between the Collector and the Grandmaster looks inevitable. Since the Collector a.k.a. Taneleer Tivan has already been introduced to the MCU in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 1, and with the Grandmaster making his debut in the Thor: Ragnarok, it's very possible the two 'Elders Of The Universe' will be reunited. But under what circumstances? Will it be a joyful or contentious reunion?

Taneleer Tivan, The Collector
Taneleer Tivan, The Collector

In the scenario of Grandmaster and the Collector reuniting, it could be with the ultimate goal of seeing Thanos attain the completed Infinity Gauntlet, setting the stage for Avengers: Infinity War. Although either the Collector or Grandmaster may be tempted to take the Infinity Stones for themselves.

In either scenario, Avengers: Infinity War will probably see Thor's return to Earth accompanied by a warning of the cosmic threats imminently approaching. And the threats may include Grandmaster and Collector themselves.

The Grandmaster and Collector host contest of champions.
The Grandmaster and Collector host contest of champions.

Grandmaster Sets Up His Contest Of Champions

In the comics, Grandmaster is known to be quite obsessive over his games. He's gone on to create tournaments and battle arenas for any specimens he's found worthy of competing in his contests. The Grandmaster has even gone as far as to drag heroes and villains out of their respective times, just to compete.

In regards to how the Grandmaster's contest of champions could play into Thor: Ragnarok, Grandmaster could be the cause for the mysterious arrival of Hulk on a distant planet, which could be done to test the limits of Hulk's power. Having a world full of victims to test his abilities on would be ideal for the Grandmaster to get a better understanding of how the Hulk operates. Then the Grandmaster would have one more pawn to add to the contest of champions he's preparing.

Contest Of Champions.
Contest Of Champions.

Seeing as how Hulk is a powerhouse of the Marvel Universe, the Grandmaster would be all too tempted. But who would the Grandmaster set against the Hulk, since there are no champions capable of defeating the green, rage-hungry monster? At least, not yet.

Grandmaster Assembles The Squadron Sinister

In the comics, the Grandmaster assembles his own team of supervillains as contestants in his contest of champions. His team goes by the name of the Squadron Sinister. The team name may sound familiar, due to the Grandmaster creating the Squadron Sinister with the basis for each Squadron Sinister member being reflective of a member of the Squadron Supreme, from Earth-712.

The Squadron Sinister consists of Nighthawk, Whizzer, Hyperion and Doctor Spectrum, all of whom would be great additions to the MCU.

Squadron Sinister.
Squadron Sinister.

More importantly, the Grandmaster could be assembling the Squadron Sinister in Thor: Ragnarok since Thor and Hulk appear to be participating in Grandmaster's contest of champions. That information is still unverified at the moment, but with the mysterious nature of Hulk being present during Thor: Ragnarok and the Grandmaster potentially having a major craving for fights to the death, the aspect of Grandmaster assembling the Squadron Sinister to take on Thor and Hulk in a contest of champions seems very plausible within the context of the MCU.

Not only would a contest of champions between Thor, Hulk, and the Squadron Sinister be entertaining, the inclusion of the Squadron Sinister would also gain them entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, at the same time granting them the opportunity to reappear in future MCU films.

What do you think Jeff Goldblum is going to do in Thor: Ragnarok? You decide in the comments section below!

Thor: Ragnarok premieres November 3, 2017. Directed by Taiki Waititi. Starring Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Cate Blanchett, Jaime Alexander, Mark Ruffalo, Idris Elba, Karl Urban, Tessa Thompson, Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill.


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