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Have you ever been channel hopping on late-night TV and come across a movie so weird that you're instantly hooked? If not, then you're probably more adjusted than me. If you HAVE, then is the movie for YOU. A housebound weirdo vs. a talking pile of mold — sound good? Hang on to your hat as I take you within the bowels of this surreal .

This Isn't Out There, Bub!

LOOK OUT! 'Motivational Growth' [Credit: Parade Deck Films]
LOOK OUT! 'Motivational Growth' [Credit: Parade Deck Films]

So, you're still here, I guess you're my type of movie fan who likes the weird side of independent and cinema. In an era of Hollywood excess, it's refreshing to know movies of this caliber are actually being produced, albeit on a cut downscale anyway. Here's the plot in a nutshell:

When Ian, a 30-something shut-in passes out on the bathroom floor after a failed suicide attempt, he wakes up to the voice of a growing pile of mold in the corner. The mold wants to help him live a better life...or does it? As events begin to spiral out of control, Ian begins to suspect the mold has ulterior motives for his well being.

Sounds like a good solid classic in my books — why not watch my review below for a little more in-depth look at the film?

Jeffrey Combs Is AMAZING

NEVER INTERRUPT THE MOLD! 'Motivational Growth' [Credit: Parade Deck Films]
NEVER INTERRUPT THE MOLD! 'Motivational Growth' [Credit: Parade Deck Films]

The ultimate selling point for this movie has to be the excellent voice casting of cult actor . He's one of my personal fan favorites since I first saw him in as the diabolical scientist Herbert West. He's one of those rare actors who can believably play a good and bad character within the same performance.

His role as The Mold in Motivational Growth manages to raise the level of the production from simply a ridiculous plot device to a fully rounded and fleshed-out character. I haven't been more surprised by a character's description since I heard the late Ossie Davis was playing JFK in cult oddball movie . I'd recommend just seeing this movie for his performance alone. Well, almost.

See also:

The movie is a strange breed by B-movie standards; filmed mostly in an apartment setting with one actor and the odd walk-on part by the guy's neighbors or delivery girl. The director has chosen to break up the monotony by including '80s-inspired graphics and "trippy" sequences where Ian (the shut-in) gets somehow thrown into his TV and tormented by the characters he's spent months watching.

This could have been a political statement on isolation in the community but actually just plays out as a bizarre distraction to the main plot which, surprisingly, doesn't work well. This is mainly due to the movie's low budget being stretched to breaking point.

WAKEY WAKEY. 'Motivational Growth' [Credit: Parade Deck Films]
WAKEY WAKEY. 'Motivational Growth' [Credit: Parade Deck Films]

In Closing

A movie about a bit of mold in some guys bathroom isn't for everyone! (duh) However, there will be many like me who couldn't pass this movie up after hearing about it. Is it worth your time? I would say yes and no. It's the uneven tone of the film that makes me a little hesitant to recommend it. What should be a fun,trippy, light (almost buddy cop type) movie turns extremely dark quicker than you can shout: "THE MOLD." Watch with friends and maybe a few drinks just so you can tell people you saw it.

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