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One of the most anticipated projects that DC is currently developing is Flashpoint. Based on the popular comic book storyline, The Flash solo film is set to explore the terrible consequences that occur when the speedster meddles with time. Flashpoint was one of the most important comic arcs, both for the Flash and the entire DC multiverse, so it's easy to understand why DC is adapting this plot for the first Flash film. However if the studio does want to remain faithful to the Flashpoint comics, the DCEU might change forever in the wake of this one film.

But before we reach the film's lasting impact on the DCEU, within the film itself we'll catch a glimpse of a wild alternate reality, in which Bruce Wayne was killed instead of his parents. This has lead many fans to suspect that Jeffrey Dean Morgan — who played Thomas Wayne in Batman v Superman — will play a large role in Flashpoint, as the jaded and grizzled who helps the Flash set things right. And based on Jimmy Kimmel's recent interview with Jeffery Dean Morgan, we may well see this happening.

A New Batman For 'Flashpoint'

While promoting the AMC hit , Jeffery Dean Morgan was quizzed by Jimmy Kimmel about his role in the upcoming Flashpoint movie.

The actor was quite reticent, trying to change the subject before adding:

"I didn't say shit... No, I don't know anything. The DC has a lot going on."

Considering that Flashpoint is in the very early stages of development, it's possible that the studio hasn't yet reached out to Morgan to offer him a role in the film. However, Morgan's knowledge of the subject matter (and his decision to stay mum about most of it) has fueled many fans hopes that perhaps he is already in talks for the role of Batman. Morgan's coy smile, cuing laughter from the audience, proves that he is well aware of the possibilities, and might mean he knows more about the situation than he's letting on.

This isn't the first time the actor has seemingly teased at his involvement in The Flash solo movie. Hours after the announcement that the film would use the Flashpoint arc, Morgan tweeted a picture of him alongside Lauren Cohen — who may also play an interesting role in the upcoming Flash film.

If Morgan really is involved in Flashpoint, this has fascinating implications for Cohen's role as well.

Thomas & Martha Wayne In The 'Flashpoint' Comics

The comics revolved around Barry Allen travelling back in time to stop his mother's murder, thus altering reality in ways he could never have imagined. In the post-Flashpoint world, Europe is being bombarded in the war between the Atlanteans and Amazons, sparked by a disagreement between Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Meanwhile, Cyborg is the Earth's true protector instead of Superman, who is mysteriously missing. One of the biggest changes though, is that Thomas Wayne became a hardened Batman after his son's murder. Martha Wayne, as a result of the trauma she has faced, also becomes a famous comic book character: The Joker.

'Flashpoint' [Credit: DC Comics]
'Flashpoint' [Credit: DC Comics]

Martha's transformation into the Joker, thus becoming her own husband's mortal enemy, is one of the most interesting plot twists in Flashpoint — and indeed, the entirety of DC Comics. Naturally, fans are eager to see this happen onscreen, especially as this would mean that Lauren Cohen would return to the DCEU as the first woman to play the Joker in live-action.

Flashpoint, if done right (as TV show clearly didn't), could be a phenomenal film for Warner Bros. and DC. And Morgan playing Batman would truly be the icing on the cake. Having said that, the Flashpoint project has yet to even find a director, so who knows how the final movie will end up and when it will be released. Nonetheless, we DC fans will certainly be pleased if the movie features an altogether different protector of Gotham than the one we're familiar with.

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