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Over the past weekend, The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan stopped by the Supernatural Convention in New Jersey to talk about his brief time on Supernatural — and whether he could come back for more.

played Sam and Dean's father, John Winchester, who made his last appearance in Season 2, sacrificing his own soul to save a comatose Dean from death. John hasn't been seen since his brief goodbye at the end of the season, but Morgan's recent comments seem to hint at his character's return... someday.

'Supernatural' [Credit: The CW]
'Supernatural' [Credit: The CW]

At the event in New Jersey, when the conversation humorously shifted to Samantha Smith (who plays Mary Winchester) potentially showing up on as a zombie, Morgan replied:

"Well yeah, I mean, anyone can be on... and I could come back as John Winchester on Supernatural."

To be clear, Morgan was merely pointing out that the potential for him to return isn't out of the realm of possibility, because there's nothing official stopping his character from showing up again. Morgan followed up his sly comment with a more in-depth explanation of what he meant:

"I've been saying it for years. But because it's the world of Supernatural, he can obviously come back, proven by every actor that's been on the show, so I certainly hope that John will return in some capacity and will get to kind of move this story forward and have some ... I think Sam and Dean need some closure with this guy. And I think John would like to have some closure as well."

Just from listening to Morgan say that much about his character's future, fans can hope (and perhaps assume) that he and the writers of Supernatural have been discussing a way for John Winchester to return in a future season. Morgan even acknowledges that he's been saying the same thing for years — so he wants John to come back to Supernatural just as much as the fans do.

Morgan's comments also indicate that he's been paying attention to the series' progression; he knows that John can come back in some form, based on the precedent of other actors returning despite their characters' apparent deaths.

Additionally, Morgan makes a very good point in regards to closure between John and his sons, Sam and Dean. They were left out in the cold after John sacrificed himself, and they've yet to find any trace of him in the universe. Most fans assumed they'd run across John somewhere in their travels, considering all of the different realms they've ventured to, yet it still hasn't happened.

As Morgan pointed out, some resolution will be necessary for Sam and Dean before the series closes out, meaning John is bound to come back for at least one episode — especially when Sam and Dean are about to journey into an parallel universe in Season 13, a parallel dimension opened by the Nephilim in Season 12.

'Supernatural' [Credit: The CW]
'Supernatural' [Credit: The CW]

They've already taken a glimpse into it, contacting an alternate version of Bobby Singer, but they'll be taking a longer journey into the void to rescue their mother. On this journey, there's no clue as to what or who they'll encounter, but it's reasonable to assume that Sam and Dean might run into an alternate version of their father if an alternate Bobby is there.

Of course, that scenario wouldn't bring any closure to Sam and Dean's prior history with their father, seeing as how it's not the same person. Therefore, any real closure would need "their" John Winchester to return — either in his full body or as a ghost/spirit of some kind. Hopefully, that reunion does take place before Supernatural draws to a close, because every fan wants it, and the writers haven't disappointed us yet so the reunion needs to happen.

Supernatural returns for Season 13 on October 12, 2017. The Walking Dead returns for Season 8 on October 22, 2017.

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