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A lot of the time, Hollywood gossip is pretty toxic, because it focuses on relationships and nervous break downs and who's breaking who's heart and who's now an empty shell of a human being. You cast down your copy of The National Enquirer and feel a faint existential nausea. Gossip about Hollywood friendships, however, has always given me the warm fuzzies – because really, what's lovelier than two people getting on really well and having fun together?

and 's friendship was double the fuzzies, cos they were friends on Friends and then best friends in real life (meta), even if their Friends' friendship could get a little possessive in places...:


Recently, the Daily Mail reported some heartbreaking news: Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston have 'cooled their relationship'. These two go way back! So yeah, it's not global warming or famine - but it's a sad day for fans of 90s TV based friendships.

Apparently, the two actresses have missed out on some key events in each other’s life over the past twelve months, namely:

  • Jennifer Aniston's party last weekend for her fiancé 's birthday

  • Courteney Cox's birthday party in June

  • December 2012 – Jennifer Aniston's engagement party

  • February 2012 (no news like old news!) – Jennifer Aniston's 43rd birthday party at Chateau Marmont in California

On one hand, they're busy ladies, and maybe it's just coincidence? But the Daily Mail did faithfully record lists of guests for the various parties and last weekend's party was attended by a string of mutual friends, including actresses and .

It's a shame – the pair were once so close that Courtney Cox named Jennifer Aniston godmother to her daughter Coco eight years ago and they regularly spent holidays together.

Reportedly, the distance between them is down to Justin Theroux, who has encouraged Jennifer to spend less time with her old friends. They also apparently feuded when 'Miss Cox separated from her husband David Arquette – a close friend of Miss Aniston's – in 2010'.

This is sad stuff – sure, new friends are great, but old friends (or Friends - hey OH!) are essential. Let's hope the photogenic pair patch things up soon.


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