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A new month has brought a new celebrity to Instagram. Jennifer Garner shared her first post on Friday, September 1st, and the response from fans has been more than enthusiastic. The star's page is averaging 27,000 new followers an hour, and the video post has already been liked more than 13,000 times.

In the post, she rearranges letters on a magnetic board with a funny, uplifting message. Check it out below:

This positive response shouldn't come as a surprise considering the actress's popularity. Since taking the world by storm with her ass-kicking role as a CIA operative on Alias, has appeared onscreen in a movie every year such as Valentine's Day and Dallas Buyers Club.

The actress told People in 2014 that she wasn't on Twitter or Instagram due to lack of time, and she didn't believe she could upload anything that people would want to see:

"I have a couple of reasons. One, I don't want any more guilt coming from my phone or computer. I have the hardest time answering emails, anyway, so the last thing I want to feel is indebted to my phone or computer. So it's time...And the other is, what would I Instagram that people would want to see. There is nothing I would put out that people would want to see. It's probably best to stay away. They don't want to see me and my mom friends after kindergarten drop-off."

Fans are ecstatic that Garner changed her mind about the picturesque side of social media, and they are proving to be more than interested in what the star has to share.

Will you follow Jennifer Garner's account? Who are your favorite celebrities on Instagram? Share your thoughts below!

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