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If you didn't know much about the plot of Sony's Christmas sci-fi blockbuster Passengers before, you should probably check out the movie's brand new trailer — then you'll know what it's like to see Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence and non-Oscar winner Chris Pratt eating some serious face in space.

To be fair, if you were the only conscious man/woman on board a spaceship with J-Law or Star-Lord, you'd almost definitely want to do the same. Check out the super-sexy first trailer below:

The actual plot of Passengers, if you're curious, looks something like this: On board the Starship Avalon, 5,259 people are being transported to the distant planet Homestead II. When two of the passengers awaken 90 years prematurely, they have nothing but time to kill. Clearly, they do a solid job of getting to know each other.

Lawrence was paid an eye-watering $20m for her role in Passengers, and Pratt pocketed a decent $12m. The whole thing cost $120m, which seems a little bit insane for a movie with a total of five cast members (a robotic Michael Sheen and Laurence Fishburne have minor roles) set on board a spaceship, but what do I know? Passengers is released via Columbia on December 21.

Which A-list actor would you like to be trapped in space for a lifetime with?



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