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The Golden Globes is coughing up the celebrity eye candy for both sexes this year. In a recent announcement it has been revealed that both JLaw and Channing Tatum will be taking their turn to captain the glitzy ship.

The Golden Globes dream team: Jennifer Lawrence and Channing Tatum

I am bubbling with anticipation to see addressing the audience in her trademark no holds barred style. If she lets just one teeny butt plug reference slip off her adorable tongue, I might be forced to get a tattoo of her face.

Lets hope that Hollywood hunk, can control his twinges of Lawrence envy. The 22 Jump Street star recently told Cosmopolitan magazine that;

I wouldn’t mind being the male Jennifer Lawrence. I think she’s incredibly cool

Ah Channing, you might not quite have climbed the lofty heights to be America's sweetheart but you are definitely everyone's favorite American beef cake. Can I get an Amen in here ladies?

Are you guys excited to see this sizzling duo take to the the stage at the Golden Globes?


(Source: E Mag and Celebuzz via Cosmopolitan)

(Images: Celebuzz and People)


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