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Blow the dust off that dusty tome of old feuds because they are making a come back again today! The well reported rift between Jennifer Lawerence and Kristen Stewart has been torn wide open again, but this time there is a man involved.

The nice girl of Hollywood, is said to have rekindled her romance with after their January 2012 split. While their reunion might be all roses, Lawrence does not want to take any chances and a source has revealed that she has her doubts about 's morality.

Jennifer Lawrence has reportedly rekindled her romance with Nicholas Hoult

Stewart and Hoult are working together on the set of Equals and Lawrence is worried that Stewart won't waste any time getting her claws into her man. The source revealed;

She doesn't trust her

They then went on to cite Stewarts affair with the married director of Snow White and the Huntsman as the source of Lawrences misgivings.

The two 23 year old actresses have previously played down rumors of bad blood between then in a series of friendly emails and a red carpet hug, but it looks like their might be a grain of truth in this latest spat.

Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart's infamous red carpet hug

I am sure Kristen Stewart is not the insatiable, man-stealing succubus she is often made out to be in the media and, even if she was, would she really make such a public mistake again?

Source: Entertainment Wise

Images: Entertainment Wise via WENN, International Business Times and Hunger Games Fandom



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