BySophie Atkinson, writer at
Sophie Atkinson

might look like a modern day Helen of Troy, and be the coolest lady in Hollywood (sozzles, but it's basically indisputable right?) but she's prone to geeking out over slebs just like the rest of us.

Extra TV caught her on camera at Comic Con being her charmingly eccentric self - they interview Jennifer Lawrence about Hunger Games and X-Men before at 2:30 (if you fancy skipping straight to the juicy stuff) they shoot her beginning to approach to check it's really him before running off nervously. Those crafty journos made the most of the two actors meeting for the first time, cajoling Jen into interviewing him. A visibly starstruck Jennifer forgets to hold the mike towards him and talks at about a million kmph, much as the rest of us would in the presence of our personal Hollywood idol!

So basically, it's the sweetest thing we've seen so far at Comic Con and we love Jennifer Lawrence more than ever. Check it out below:




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