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The Passengers promo tour is in full swing and in typical Chris Pratt fashion there have been a slew of jokes on the trail - most of which have been at co-star Jennifer Lawrence's expense. From cropping her out of photos to hiding her face in every selfie, has taken to social media to prove he's still the funny guy we all know and love from Parks and Recreation. However, Jennifer Lawrence has had enough of his antics and, with the help of Jimmy Kimmel, finally got to taste sweet, sweet revenge.

In the clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel shows Jennifer Lawrence some of the pics that Chris Pratt has posted to his Instagram page. After a vulgar outburst, J-Law swears to do something about it and that's where the fun starts. She storms outside and hails a tour bus with a giant Passengers ad on the side. In her act of revenge, Lawrence defaces Pratt's face. Not one to feel left out, joins in on the fun and changes Passengers into a rude name. Some of the other graffiti the two paint on the bus includes changing Chris Pratt into "Chris Rat," putting a heart next to Lawrence's face (so he'll know who did it), and drawing a devil's mustache on his face.

Although not quite as funny as the jokes Pratt has pulled over the past few weeks, definitely got her revenge. Perhaps Pratt will learn his lesson to not mess with his co-star like that, but more than likely this will only fuel Pratt to get more creative and play even more jokes on Lawrence. In my opinion, the pictures Pratt has posted have been pretty funny. Don't believe me? Check out some of my favorites:

The two cutest goofballs in Hollywood poking fun at one another, does it get any better than this? I absolutely adore both of the stars of and can't wait to see the movie, which hits theaters December 21st. It looks amazing:

What will Chris Pratt do next? Will Jennifer Lawrence's revenge make him stop? Or merely cause him to up his game? Either way, I'm sure he'll make us laugh.


Do you think Chris Pratt will learn his lesson?


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