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Alisha Grauso

America's sweetheart can seemingly do no wrong as of late. With an Oscar for Best Actress under her belt at the tender age of 22, even her embarrassing moments are endearing and end with the dashing Hugh Jackman rushing to her aid. I mean, really, the girl leads a charmed life and I want to become BFF with her and (It's going to happen one day, I just know it).

And something a girl does when she sees her best friend step outside in an outfit that is just not working for her is tell that friend, straight-up, to burn it. If I were her friend, I would...well...

Just see for yourself:

Girl, listen. I get it. This is one of those outfits that you put on and you think to yourself that it's cute and breezy and a little funky, and it seems like it works on paper, but in the end, you're too close to it to see it for the sartorial tragedy that it is. It's just...too much. Far too much. With the hat AND the jacket AND the knot AND the fringey purse and just...Jennifer, I love you. We all love you. But this outfit right here is a world of hell no. Do you hear me?



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