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Dania Lerman

...and who else could ever, POSSIBLY pull that off? Here 10 times our one and only JLaw proved you don't need the Academy to call you a winner in order to truly be one:

1) When she fell. Again.

Note the girl she almost dragged down with her - that could've maaaybeee beat Ellen's selfie in shares...probably good we'll never find out.

2) ...even after practicing not-tripping.

...too bad no one warned her about those cones.

3) When Ellen told the audience about it...

...and she was embarrassed and super adorable:

4) When she and Cate Blanchett ran into each other and made friend crush history:

"...someone I admire, who’s an incredible actress, is Cate Blanchett. I think she’s extraordinary." - JLaw, Nov. '13

Can you even handle this girl power? Cuz I can't.

5) When she walked on stage to announce Best Actor and this was the first thing she said:

No matter how chic her Dior gowns get, she never loses her sense of humor. Even with those killer hip flaps.

6) When she was the best un-sore loser in Oscar history:

JLaw: "Can we split it?" Lupita: "IT'S ALL MINE!"

Um...also...why has no one realized that JLaw and Lupita need to be best friends so badly it hurts?

7) When the selfie happened:

...and instantly became the most re-tweeted thing in the world.

8) And last but not least, when her year-long wish for pizza...


...finally came true.


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