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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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We've all been there. After a day spent frolicking around in a wetsuit there are often few things we want more than a nice hot shower and a good butt scratch, but generally we don't want these things bad enough to kill for them. This is what separates you and I from .

Speaking on the UK's Graham Norton Show J-Law revealed that while shooting for the Hunger Games, she nearly killed the movie's sound guy and caused complete and utter destruction due to her trying to scratch a rather precarious itch on her behind.

Shooting in Hawaii, J-Law was asked not to sit on some nearby rocks because they were sacred and therefore not allowed to be exposed to human genitalia, except there was one small flaw, they were in Jennifer's own words, "perfect for spud scratching."

While no one was looking, J-Law sidled over to one of the rocks and began to relieve her forbidden butt itch by rubbing her derrière all over the holy boulders. Unfortunately however, she got so caught up in the culturally insensitive booty-shaking moment that she didn't realize the impending catastrophe she was about to cause.

The House At The End Of The Street [Credit: Relativity Media]
The House At The End Of The Street [Credit: Relativity Media]

During her scratching spree, J-Law inadvertently dislodged one of the rocks and sent it tumbling down the mountainside, causing something of a butt boulder avalanche straight into the path of the Hunger Games' sound guy and his sound station. Luckily for everyone concerned, he managed to get out of the way, but J-Law's ass completely flattened his sound station, causing a colossal amount of damage.

And that's not all. As the boulder reached the bottom of the mountain the Hawaiian locals looked up to the peak and saw that one of their sacred rocks had been dislodged and stated that it was "because of the curse" that one of them had decided to run loose. Little did they know that J-Law was sat sheepishly sat in the shadows knowing that it was entirely her fault and thinking "I am your curse."

Listen to the rump rock fable from the horse's mouth in the clip below:


Would you mind dying under J-Law's butt avalanche?


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