ByAnna Mary Reuben, writer at
Anna Mary Reuben

Oh my God, I cannot BELIEVE how dangerous making movies can be! Jennifer Lawrence recently had a brush with death on the set of the Hunger Games: Mockingjay.

A source told the National Enquirer:

Filming came to an abrupt halt when this fog machine broke and began spewing so much dense smoke during a tunnel sequence that Jennifer literally disappeared from sight and everybody panicked.

Jennifer and the other actors actually started choking, were unable to fight their way out of the blinding smoke.

I am so happy that they managed to get Jennifer out of there and that she's alright!

I mean, it's great that the actors of the Hunger Games work so hard to make those movies realistic and exciting, but it's not worth risking your life for!!

Make sure safety is always your number 1 priority, Jennifer!!

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