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Jennifer Lawrence is worn out. You only have to go and see Darren Aronofsky's brand new psychological thriller mother! to see why. Ever since 2010, JLaw has been lighting up the silver screen with leading roles in The Hunger Games franchise and Oscar-winning mental heath drama The Silver Linings Playbook, so the woman deserves some time to herself.

The down-to-earth actress spoke to The Today Show about her plans for the next couple of years — of which she has none! In a one-on-one interview, Savannah Guthrie asked if the 27-year-old actress has thought about taking a break, to which Lawrence replied:

"I am taking one! I don't have anything set for two years."

Guthrie, like us, was shook by the news, asking what she would do with her time. In true JLaw style, she had no idea, suggesting she would "make pots" or learn macramé as Guthrie suggested. But don't worry, the actress does joke that she will probably be back in six months, saying:

"I think I'm just taking a little break. I'll see you in six months."

But have no fear! has two more films listed for release in 2018; gritty Russian spy thriller Red Sparrow and X-Men: Dark Phoenix, where she will reprise her tole as Mystique in the Fox/Marvel franchise. Once Lawrence's break officially begins, she will have worked on 20 movies in seven years, won three Golden Globes, the Academy Award for Best Actress and was listed the highest-paid actress in Hollywood by Forbes in 2015 and 2016. Girl deserves a well-earned vacation or five.

When you've reached such astronomical heights of success, you totally deserve to take a couple of years out to focus on you. Two years is a lot of time for JLaw explore some of her hobbies and interests away from set. Perhaps she'll be taking more fans out for wine and picnics in Napa Valley, enjoy some time with mother! director and bae Darren Aronofsky or take Pippi into professional dog grooming, who knows! With a net worth of somewhere in the range of $120 million, you can pretty much do what you want.

What do you think Jennifer Lawrence should do on her hiatus from acting? Let us know in the comments?


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