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Jennifer Lawrence and Dior are to continue making sweet music together to the tune of a sweet 20 million dollar deal.

America's new first lady has proved such a fabulous asset to the French fashion house that they are desperate to get their well-manicured claws into all of JLaww's red carpet appearances.

The Oscar nominated actress is expected to sign a multimillion dollar deal that will see her shining bright as Dior's poster girl for three more sparkling years. As well as keeping her in gorgeous gowns, the deal is also rumored to line 's seemingly bottomless pockets with a sweet $15-20 million dollars. A source has said that;

There's no signed deal, but Jennifer's had a great relationship with Dior to date, and is open to the idea of continuing a partnership

I for one, am so glad there is a place for such a delicate flower in one of the worlds most exclusive fashion houses. Once the luxurious lines of Dior were reserved for the most sophisticated starlets but now, a new age of elegance has arisen.

Lets celebrate with an album of admirable JLaww/Dior dignity and poise!

She's behind you!

like a photo-bombing Kraken rising from a delicate bed of sea foam, Jennifer Lawrence gives this dainty Dior number some much needed edge. That face also skilfully detracts from the fact this gown is, for all intents and purposes, a net curtain wrapped in luggage straps. High five JLaww! A true mistress of disguise.

Behold! A cinematic collision of class and klutz

Wiping the floor with tens of thousands of dollars of Dior is all in a days work for JLaww.

Duckface by Dior

Multicoloured sparkles meet marvellous molars in a fashion-forwards take on the infamous duckface.

Do you guys think that Dior is right to hang on to Jennifer Lawrence and her unique modelling style or, do their designs need more poise to pull them off?

Let me know below!

(Source: Enterainment Wise via New York Post)

(Images: Bold Sky, The Verve, E Online! via WENN)



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