ByDania Lerman, writer at
Dania Lerman

"I have such a strong bond and connection with Jen, it really comes naturally." -Willow Shields, to great is it that Katniss and Prim's fierce sisterhood really does extend off the screen? According to Willow, big sis Jen even let her in on how to stay awesome under the ever blazing Hollywood spotlights.

"She said to always stay who I am through all of this, don't change...I remember that advice every day."

So THAT'S how Jennifer does it! She's just...herself! And it works! I guess it speaks to the pressures of Hollywood that one movie star just manages to...not change...and all of a sudden she's LITERALLY on top of the WORLD.

Well Jen...looks like we don't need to tell you not to change...but don't! EVER!

Here's to the girl who stayed herself. We love you Jennifer!


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