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Jordan Leech

After the announcement of both Kristen Stewart and Nicolas Hoult being cast in the upcoming film Equals, world renowned celebrity blogger Perez Hilton came forward yesterday with the breaking news about Jennifer Lawrence's 'trust issues' concerning KStew. Get this:

Reportedly: “She doesn’t trust her."

Who doesn't trust who? Who reported this? Any source for this information? No explanations were given.

Reportedly, if one starts a sentence with the word 'reportedly', that gives them carte blanche to write whatever unsubstantiated combination of words they wish, and still be able to include it in a 'news' article. Look, we all use the word. But I can't stand idly by while these celebrity bloggers try with all their might to sabotage the inevitable comeback of and . Nuh-uh. No way. Not on my watch.

We all know where their hearts lie. Ok, made some mistakes in the past. But her heart is all about reconciliation these days. They even had a secret thanksgiving together. seems to be on board too. So I am sure that JLaw has no need to worry, and knows it. So can we cool it with the rumour fabrication? Why would you want to stand in the way of true love?

(Source: perezhilton)

What do you guys think? Can anything get in the way of them getting back together? Should celebrity bloggers back off and stop feeding drama?


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