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"I'm not just selling the script. I'm selling me!"
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Jennifer Lopez is a world renowned pop star with classic tunes such as Play, On The Floor and Love Don't Cost A Thing. She's known for highly complicated dance routines and age defying good lucks, but what if I were to say to you that she's a better actress than she is a singer? Yeah that's right, I said it. We're all thinking it. Don't believe me? Here's the proof:

1. Shall We Dance (2004)

Oh sweet Lord, JLo. You got us all hot and wanting to ballroom dance. Her portrayal of Paulina, the failed dancer turn teacher gave us life. We wanted to grab those crystals and feathers and start learning to samba in the vain hope someone looks at us like Richard Gere just looked at Jennifer.

Ladies, remember the next time your man won't dance with you at an event, throw out the 'It's a vertical expression of a horizontal wish' and see how he reacts. F**k me!

2. Anaconda (1997)

Jennifer gives us her all in the movie. Drama, suspense, gun wielding abilities and a cheeky shot of her wet ass. Nice! I mean it's highly believable that JLo would work for National Geographic, the same goes for Ice Cube. An unlikely duo in this reptilian thriller make it even better than we could have dreamed.

3. The Boy Next Door (2015)

JLo plays this scene so well. The obsession growing from Noah and her realization that one night stand could be her un-doing is clear in this unnerving scene. Props to JLo on that kick in the balls though. Nobody dry humps Jenny and gets away with it.

4. The Wedding Planner (2001)

JLo is all of us when we bump into the ex unexpectedly, what we wish we were able to do is to pile on all the sass the way she does, when forced to interact with his new lady friend. We wonder which wedding of hers JLo took inspiration from for this movie?

5. Maid In Manhattan (2002)

Ok, we couldn't pick just one scene. This modern day Cinderella story is a dream come true and when JLo arrives in that pink gown at the ball, we all died and went to heaven. She's charming and endearing throughout, especially in the scenes with the cutie Ty.

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6. The Back Up Plan (2010)

I'm just gonna leave this here. All I will say is JLo, face down, in a used birthing pool. ENJOY!

7. Monster In Law (2005)

JLo slapping Jane Fonda has to be one of the funniest things we've ever seen. Jennifer's comic timing is always underestimated. Plus, she's just brought to life every woman's dream of telling their mother-in-law exactly what they think of them. Slay! You exotic Latina, Elaine Stritch approves.

8. The Cell (2000)

This is arguably one of Jennifer's finest performances, it's dark and full of suspense. If you were to say we need an actress to play a psychotherapist who delves into the mind of a psychopathic killer, Lopez would probably not spring to mind. She does, however, give a very convincing performance. Well done to the costume and make-up team for making JLo look dowdy though, that's no mean feat.

There you have it, if you doubted me before, I hope your now realize I was right and that JLo is in fact a wonderful and versatile actress.


Is Jennifer Lopez a better singer or actress?


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