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We knew it was coming, but that doesn't make it any less difficult to say goodbye. For the upcoming seventh season, Jennifer Morrison will be reprising her role as Emma Swan for one last time. And we finally have a first look at her glorious return.

As we all know, exited the series at the close of Season 6, preceding a mass exodus of other cast members including Rebecca Mader and Jared Gilmore. bosses, Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have teased Morrison's upcoming return as "an emotional curtain call". The actress will return in the second episode of the seventh season in a Hook-centric episode titled "A Pirate's Life." The episode will also showcase Emma's reunion with her now grown son, Henry.

'Once Upon A Time' [Credit: EW/ABC]
'Once Upon A Time' [Credit: EW/ABC]

Horowitz also explained what fans can expect from the reunion episode. Speaking to EW, he said her return will wrap of loose threads from her story:

"We get to find out what has happened with Emma and Hook [Colin O’Donoghue] since our happy ending we showed last year. We will be getting closure on her story in what we feel is a satisfying way.

'Once Upon A Time' [Credit: EW/ABC]
'Once Upon A Time' [Credit: EW/ABC]

Kitsis clarified that it wouldn't be in flashback, but more of a flash forward:

“What we’re not doing is a flashback story where we’re seeing stuff prior to, or during, the previous six seasons. We’re moving forward past the end of season 6, seeing what happened with Emma and Hook, and how it relates to the events in Hyperion Heights. It’s an emotional curtain call.”

Though Morrison has exited as a full time cast member on , Horowitz and Kitsis have stated they will leave the door open for her if she should ever choose to return. Morrison isn't the only former cast member returning in Season 7, while Lana Parilla (Regina), Colin O'Donohue (Hook), and Robert Carlyle (Rumple) are still full time, others such as Jared Gilmore and Emilie De Ravin have confirmed they'll be returning for guest-starring appearances, and a handful of new faces have been added to the series in the hopes of generating new excitement. :

Hopefully that leads to more returns as the fantasy series enters another triumphant adventure into the worlds of powerful magic and true love's kiss.

'Once Upon A Time' returns to ABC on Friday, October 6.

[Source: EW]


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