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The upcoming Spider-Man spin-off Venom continues to grow with another addition to the cast, as The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that actress Jenny Slate will join the team. The film is currently being headed by Zombieland's Ruben Fleischer as director and is written by Dark Tower's Jeff Pinker and Jumanji's Scott Rosenberg.

Slate is mostly known for her voice work on movies like Zootopia, The Secret Life of Pets and Despicable Me 3, as well as starring in comedies like Obvious Child. The 35-year old actress is set to appear in the futuristic thriller Hotel Artemis and will lend her voice once more to The Secret Life of Pets 2 as Gidget. Slate's role in , as with other additions, including Riz Ahmed and Michelle Williams, have been kept under wrap, though its been reported that she's set to play "a scientist."

'Venom' [Credit: Marvel Comics]
'Venom' [Credit: Marvel Comics]

The only role that is clear is Tom Hardy's, as he'll lead the film that will somehow stay true to Venom's comic book counterpart despite not having Spider-Man involved. In case you aren't familiar with Venom's story — Hardy will play the disgruntled journalist who can't catch a break, Eddie Brock. After being saved, and later embarrassed by Spider-Man's heroics, Brock's anger would serve as the perfect host for the alien symbiote, Venom. Though he started off as a villain, Venom sometimes teamed with Spidey to take down bad guys like the mass murderer Carnage. Though, in this film it appears that Venom will be webbing solo as he faces off against the scarlet killer (who has yet to be cast).

Venom is on the fast track to hit theaters in October of 2018. Who do you want to see cast as Carnage? Leave a comment below!

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