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Now, if you've somehow managed to make it this far into this week without having shocking events of 's Season 7 premiere spoiled for you, then a) congratulations, you're probably the only one, and b) don't worry, you won't have it ruined for you in this article. If you're currently making your way through 10-year-old episodes of , though, it's probably best to tread carefully.

The reason?

Supernatural's Jensen Ackles Just Fondly Remembered That Time Negan Was On The Show

[Supernatural/The CW]
[Supernatural/The CW]

Or, rather, that whole season and a bit of Supernatural where , a.k.a. The Walking Dead's , played the Winchester boys' dad, John. Y'see, while John may have long since bowed out of the show, has clearly not quite given up on the ol' father/son relationship just yet, though, as he demonstrated in a recent Tweet:

Which, while a neat nod to fans of both shows — and a canny piece of cross-promotion by Ackles — also raises some fairly troubling questions, including:

  • If John Winchester had a covert fondness for jagged baseball bats, does that mean that Negan is secretly an alternate universe version of the character?
  • If so, does that mean that we could actually see the world's least likely crossover event happen? Supernatural IS finishing up this season, after all.
  • If not, just what the heck is Ackles's Dean going to do with that bat, and does it involve anyone's head?
  • More importantly, why haven't the Winchester boys noticed that there's a barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat in the trunk of their car in the past 10 years?
  • Seriously, how rarely must they clean that thing? The smell must be atrocious.

Or, y'know, it's just a gentle meta gag, designed to raise awareness of Supernatural's final season. Even so, the smell...

What do you think, though? Is there a horrifying secret hiding behind Ackles' tweet that you can see? Let us know below!


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