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Jerry Seinfeld was all over Reddit the other day, hosting an "Ask Me Anything" talk in which he got quizzed on a number of subjects. Most interesting of the lot turned out to be Seinfeld's opinions on Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, with which the comedian took issue.

Here's what he said:

I was so happy that they made another Superman movie! I'm really reluctant to be critical of it in any way... But I thought the glossing over of the figuring out a secret identity and why he felt he needed one was a huge missed opportunity for that character, and one of the most interesting things about Superman is the whole secret identity. So to me it was too much action / violence and not enough character study.

He's a huge fan, probably a big Supes purist, so of course we could expect more of the "It's not how I see the character" spiel... Hmm, started wondering how a Seinfeld written or directed Superman movie would be like? Me too.

Do you agree with Seinfeld's Supes sentiments? Was there enough character study for your liking in Henry Cavill's portrayal? Sound off below, Moviepilots!



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