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Alisha Grauso

Poor . She seems like a cool girl. You know, the kind you could grab a beer with or gab about relationships to and she'd be comfortable doing either one. But let's face it, no matter how gorgeous or down to earth she is, her career has gone exactly nowhere the past few years. And now that she's Mrs. Timberlake, it appears to be gaining even less traction.

Her latest attempt on the comeback trail is the unfortunately-titled The Truth About Emanuel (Seriously? That's the best title you could come up with?), which is due out sometime this year.

The trailer for the Sundance offering finally hit the internet, and after seeing it, I just... what the hell? I literally have no idea what is happening here. Is the young girl diabolical? Is she good? Is it Jessica Biel's character who is the deranged one? And what is happening with the Nirvana Nevermind album cover dream sequence? Seriously, what:

It looks like it... could be good? Or terrible. Or, you know what... I have no idea. It could end up being one of those gripping indie psychological thrillers, or it could be an hour and a half of vague and confusing nothing.

Here's the cast: Biel, , , , , and . So, make of that what you will. No idea about anything that's happening with this one, but if you're as baffled and curious as I am by it, [[follow]] along and we'll keep you updated.


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