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Jessica Jones sure is going to have her hands full when Season 2 of her hit show arrives on Netflix next year. When she's not defending New York City or drinking her weight in whiskey, the private detective will meet a host of new characters in her sophomore outing, including a mysterious arrival known only as Ingrid — who could prove to be Jessica's greatest enemy yet.

Described as a street-wise character who's previously worked as a nurse, the role of Ingrid has now been officially given to Leah Gibson, who's most famous for appearing in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. We highly doubt that Rosario "Night Nurse" Dawson should be worried about any potential rivalry in the care-giving department, as Ingrid will be far from your average nurse. However, Jessica Jones and everyone that she holds dear should prepare themselves for the possibility that Ingrid is secretly Typhoid Mary, one of Daredevil's most troubled villains from the comics.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse [Credit: Summit Entertainment]
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse [Credit: Summit Entertainment]

Who Is Typhoid Mary?

Ever since the character breakdown for Ingrid first leaked online, Marvel fans have argued that this latest addition to Jessica Jones is just a code-name for Typhoid Mary — and it's easy to see why.

Daredevil [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Daredevil [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Caught up in New York City's crime scene, former nurse Mary Walker suffered a terrible accident that fractured her mind into three distinct personalities:

  • Mary — Timid product of childhood abuse.
  • Typhoid — Unbalanced, sexual femme fatale.
  • Bloody Mary — Extremely violent, man-hating assassin.

Possessing mutant abilities such as hypnosis, telekinesis and pyrokinesis, Typhoid Mary worked as an assassin for The Kingpin. Over the years, the darker personalities of Typhoid Mary clashed with a number of superheroes, including Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones herself.

Given that Typhoid Mary was introduced soon after Frank Miller's legendary run on — which also featured Elektra, Stick and The Hand in prominent roles — it's easy to see why fans have wondered whether Ingrid and Typhoid Mary could be one and the same. After all, both have worked as nurses, both possess savvy street smarts and the fact that Ingrid is reportedly bisexual could also be linked with Typhoid's sexual ambiguity in the comics.

Typhoid Mary Is Linked To Both Kilgrave & Jessica In Disturbing Ways

Jessica Jones may be a superhero show in theory, but Season 1 focused less on vigilantism and far more on the emotional trauma that our heroine endured in the aftermath of Kilgrave's sexual and physical abuse. While under Kilgrave's control, Jessica was raped and lost control over every aspect of her life, something that Typhoid Mary can relate to all too well.

In this sense, Typhoid Mary could serve as a dark mirror for our hero, showing Jessica where her life may have led had she not found a way to take control of the darkness growing inside of her. It wouldn't be easy for Jones to fight someone who's suffered the same hardships as her — unless of course, Netflix decided to translate every aspect of Typhoid Mary for the show.

While Typhoid Mary is undoubtedly a tragic figure, later developments in the comics actually align her character more closely with Kilgrave, continuing the vicious cycle of abuse that she endured at a young age. In the late '90s, Typhoid Mary began appearing in comics, briefly working alongside him before seducing the mercenary under false pretences, impersonating the woman he loves, Siryn.

Deadpool [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Deadpool [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Sure, Typhoid Mary primarily fought Daredevil in the comics and Deadpool will never appear in Jessica Jones due to licensing issues, but the fact remains that she is both a rapist and a victim of rape, creating twisted parallels that she shares with both Kilgrave and Jessica.

Once again, Jones may face someone who could control her actions through psychic means, but this time around, the perpetrator is someone who has been despicably subjugated by men too. Rather than just repeating the same story arc from Season 1, positioning Typhoid Mary as Jessica's next main adversary could present a whole new set of challenges for her in Season 2, ones which could unnervingly force Jones to question everything that she stands for.

There's also precedent for Typhoid Mary in the MCU. Many fans believe that an offhand reference in Doctor Strange was used to subtly introduce her character:

“22 year-old female with an electronic implant in her brain to control schizophrenia..."

However, actress Leah Gibson is 32 years old, so this may not match up if the former star does turn out to be playing Typhoid Mary in . Whether Gibson turns out to be embodying the mentally ill villain or not though, Typhoid Mary would be a perfect choice to become the big bad in Season 2, affecting Jessica Jones in a way that few villains ever could. Let's just hope that our favorite alcoholic superhero survives teaming up with The Defenders first.

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