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When Marvel and Netflix's ambitious plan to bring four TV shows based on lesser known characters that would eventually culminate in was announced, the fan community was crossing its collective fingers, hoping this incredible dream would actually come true. Fast-forward to 2017, and not only has the plan materialized, but it's surpassed all of our expectations.

One show that particularly resonated with audiences was Jessica Jones. The story about the hard-drinking badass was a standout in the corner of the MCU, and ao a second season was announced shortly after release. Since then, several clues have dropped regarding the development of JJ's second solo adventure.

However, we had no idea how long it would be until it actually hit our screens... until now. We won't have to wait to see our favorite P.I. badass return for long, because has officially begun production.

The On Location Vacations site recently released a report of projects currently or about to go into production. Jessica Jones Season 2 is listed as starting production today:

That actually fits with what Krysten Ritter had previously revealed about the filming schedule. During an earlier interview with Digital Spy, the actress revealed that The Defenders and Jessica Jones Season 2 would be filming back-to-back, Infinity War style:

"They'll be back-to-back. I don't know if they'll overlap a little bit."

As we discovered a few weeks ago, The Defenders wrapped production. Therefore it makes sense, based on Ritter's comments, for her second season to get started now.

Which Places Will The Second Season Visit?

[Credit: Marvel/Netflix]
[Credit: Marvel/Netflix]

As fans, we love to look into every little detail we get from upcoming superhero projects to get at least a taste of what's to come. So you might naturally be wondering, what could we expect from the filming locations? Well, a return to Jessica's world. The locations listed in the report were used for exterior shots of Jones' apartment and Alias Investigations.

At the end of , we saw Jessica reopening Alias Investigations, so it's only natural her second solo venture will expand on that story thread as she returns to her P.I. life after battling a cult of crazy undead ninjas in The Defenders.

Plus, the Marvel Netflix shows, especially this one, have distinguished themselves for their grounded nature in comparison to their considerably bigger movie companions. So the show revisiting locations is to be expected at this point.

When Should We Expect The Second Season?

[Credit: Marvel/Netflix]
[Credit: Marvel/Netflix]

That's the biggest question here, isn't it? Thankfully, we can answer it through good ol' speculation. Netflix shows usually take less than a year to be released after filming. Take, for example Iron Fist. The show began filming in early April 2016 and was released on March 17, 2017. That's an eleven-month difference.

Therefore, if Jessica Jones Season 2 is in production, the show could be hitting our screens as soon as March of 2018. Yes, it's discouraging to know we'll have to wait for what seems like so long for the P.I. to go on a solo adventure once again, but keep in mind we'll get to see her in The Defenders later this year to make the wait less painful.

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As for what exactly will be dealt with in the show, we need a little bit more information from The Defenders to know where Jones will go after that. However, during the aforementioned interview with Digital Spy, did tease the superheroine's open possibilities:

"Kilgrave was her reason for getting up every morning. Saving people gave her purpose," she said. "I wonder how emotionally taxed she's going to be now. That opens a lot of doors as to who will come out and play. We all live in the same universe, so there are endless possibilities."

So there you have it. Jessica Jones wheels are spinning once again. I must say, Netflix has quite a packed superhero schedule right now, with this show beginning production and The Punisher having started filming last fall, The Defenders in post-production, and planned new seasons for Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron Fist. The streaming service and House of Ideas have a busy couple of years in store.

When do you think we'll see Jessica Jones Season 2? What storylines would you like to see tackled? Let me know in the comments!

[Sources: On Location Vacations, Digital Spy]


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