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Say it ain't so! Luke Cage and Jessica Jones might be married with a kid Marvel Comics, but clearly, the Marvel Netflix TV shows are taking things in a different direction. After a brief tryst in Jessica Jones Season 1, the fan-favorite couple parted ways, and there's no sign of a reconciliation on the cards. Luke has moved on to Rosario Dawson's Claire Temple, and set photos from Luke Cage Season 2 have suggested that relationship will continue. Now, it looks as though Jessica is moving on too. It seems Hollywood's favorite female superhero is about to pucker up...

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Now, before you lose your cool completely, it's worth taking a step back and noting that this looks to be a very different version of Jessica Jones. Notice that Krysten Ritter's hair is cut shorter, and she's sporting a very different look; there's no hint of that trademark jacket, for example. That's leading a lot of fans to suspect that this is actually a flashback, giving us a glimpse of Jessica's life pre-Kilgrave.

You'll also note that, in the final shot, Jessica looks fairly awkward. Yes, she's just shared the ol' lip-lock, but she doesn't quite look as though she knows what to make of the experience. If this is indeed a flashback, it's likely we're seeing the early days of one of Jessica's old relationships.

The Mysterious New Lover

Who can this mysterious new lover be? Amusingly enough, we can rule out one of Jessica's biggest crushes; in the comics, a teenage Jessica was actually besotted with Peter Parker. The pair attended school together, and years later, upon learning Spider-Man's secret identity, Jessica reacted in a way that didn't exactly delight her husband:

Awkward! [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Awkward! [Credit: Marvel Comics]

It's safe to say this isn't going to happen! The only other option from the comics is Clay Quartermain, a member of the US Air Force who joined up with S.H.I.E.L.D.. Given Jessica is attempting to unravel the mystery of Nuke and IGH, it's not inconceivable that she'd track down an old flame with connections to the military. What's more, last year Jeph Loeb hinted that one day we may see explicit ties between Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Marvel Netflix shows. This would be one way to make it happen. Unfortunately, the fact is that the actor Jessica is kissing doesn't look remotely like Clay Quartermain.

The more likely scenario is that this a whole new character. The first season of Jessica Jones was a very loose adaptation Brian Bendis's much-loved Alias series, and the second promises to diverge wildly from its comic book inspirations. Not only are Luke and Jessica not an item, the entire IGH plot never happened in the comics. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Marvel create somebody brand new as an old flame for Jessica. In that scenario, we have simply no way of knowing how they could tie into the story. One thing's for sure, though; as Jessica hones in on IGH, the odds are high that everyone close to her will become a target.

Love and marriage are never easy in the world of superheroes — and it looks as though Jessica may be about to learn that lesson the hard way...


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