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The Defenders has brought together three of our favorite street-level heroes (and Iron Fist) in an all-out battle for New York against the Hand. While each hero brought his own special abilities and strengths to the team, one seemed to fall shorter than the rest in the art of the fist: The smartass detective herself, Jessica Jones.

Not that Jones didn't have anything to offer to the team; she was strong, smart, and her investigation proved very useful, but it can't be ignored that when it came to the fight scenes she wasn't as skilled as her teammates. The show even joked about this in the fourth episode when Jones confronted a lackey from the Hand. While this could be a problem with her lack of experience in the brawl, another problem could be that the MCU hasn't fully realized her character's potential or her powers.

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

While Netflix's version of the character has appropriately portrayed Jones's super strength, that seems to be the only superpower that Marvel wants to portray. Even so, the studio holds back during her fight scenes. In the comics, Jessica Jones has the ability to fly very capability, similar to how Superman flies. While we saw a glimpse of her ability to fly, she retcons this as simply jumping high and far, or gliding. Also, both her show and seem to forget how durable Jones is.

While not as durable as Luke Cage, Jones is able to take a punch, kick or other physical blow better that most in the comic books. While not bulletproof, she is a lot tougher than how her TV show counterpart is portrayed. However, the real problem with Jessica Jones that was spotlighted in The Defenders was her inability to hold her own in a scrap compared to Daredevil, Iron Fist or even Luke Cage.

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

In the comics, whenever Jessica Jones found herself in fisticuffs with a thug, she usually relied on her super strength and her own form of street fighting to dispose of her enemies. While not an expert in the craft of fighting, she was able to hold her own in the brawl for the most part. However, once she got in contact with the Avengers, she was able to learn to become a more proficient hand-to-hand combatant. So, could we be seeing a more competent brawler in Jessica Jones come Season 2 of her show?

Of the main of cast of "heroes" in the first season of , Jones herself was probably one of the least competent fighter of the group. Her best friend, Trish Walker, was a much more skilled fighter than her, as well as their situational cop ally, Will Simpson. When up against Simpson at the end of the season, Jessica was unable to fight him, but Walker was. Could Jessica learn a few pointers from her best friend?

It seemed like even Jessica Jones was annoyed that everyone could fight better than her in The Defenders, so it wouldn't be out there for the writers to want to make the character more independent in a scrap. That way, the next time she's face-to-face with another ninja goon from the Hand, she doesn't have to wait for Iron Fist or Daredevil to come to her rescue. Along with her super strength, investigative skills and take-no-crap attitude, she can become the most valuable member of the Defenders.

Would you like to see Jessica Jones become a more competent fighter?


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