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Warning: This article contains spoilers from American Horror Story: Roanoke.

American Horror Story is half way through it's current season — subtitled Roanoke — and although it appears that the nightmare is over for Matt, Shelby and Lee Miller, there is much more left to come. With the promise of a huge twist coming up on the show, fans of are dying to see what series co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have in store for them in the next episode.

Check out a preview of the next episode:

The fictional documentary My Roanoke Nightmare may have concluded with the latest terrifying episode, but the story is far from complete and as the producer of the documentary — Cheyenne Jackson's character — continues his quest, it's entirely possible that we could find ourselves back in the Roanoke farmhouse. If this is the case then we could see the return of the terrifying supernatural Roanoke colony and the witch of the wood Scathach. However, if we do see the Butcher return, then it won't be Kathy Bates portraying the character.

Kathy Bates Was The Re-Enacted Version of The Butcher

Kathy Bates was scary. (via FX)
Kathy Bates was scary. (via FX)

We've come to identify Kathy Bates as Tomasyn White a.k.a. The Butcher and there is no reason why we shouldn't — Bates was magnificent and she definitely kept me awake at night. However, it's important to remember that Bates was portraying the character in the re-enactment for the Roanoke Nightmare documentary meaning that she isn't the real Tomasyn White.

We've seen this with a character like Shelby where Lily Rabe plays the real Shelby and Sarah Paulson plays the re-enacted version of the character. We may have come to recognize Paulson as Shelby but she was merely an actor playing the part. Rabe is the real character who allegedly suffered at the hands of the Roanoke Colony. The same rule applies to White — the only difference is is that we don't know what the real Butcher looks like.

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Could Jessica Lange Play The Real Version of Tomasyn White?

Lange hasn't been seen since her unforgettable performance as Elsa Mars on "Freak Show." (via FX)
Lange hasn't been seen since her unforgettable performance as Elsa Mars on "Freak Show." (via FX)

Yes, I know what you're thinking: Jessica Lange has left American Horror Story, get over it. If that is the case then yes, you're probably right but hear me out. Although the documentary has ended in Roanoke, there is no doubt in my mind that we haven't seen the last of The Butcher but as Kathy Bates can no longer continue as the character, then there will likely be another actress playing the role if we return to the Roanoke land.

White is an important character and such a key role will likely fall on one of the AHS regulars. If you think about it, Lange is the only other regular that is of a similar age to Bates and she could pull of the role rather easily having played many evil characters before. While Frances Conroy would probably also fit the characteristics needed to play the Butcher, she has already appeared in Roanoke as the re-enactment of Mama Polk.

Let's not forget that Lange is currently filming Ryan Murphy's new FX show Feud — which also stars AHS regular Sarah Paulson — so I'm pretty sure she would have been able to make a brief appearance on American Horror Story if the opportunity arose.

Lange may have departed from the show as a series regular but her four performances remain at the top of American Horror Story's greatest characters, giving us many memorable moments from Elsa Mars' wonderful renditions of "Life on Mars" and "Gods and Monsters" to Sister Jude's rendition of "The Name Game" and of course Fiona Goode's unforgettable "wear something black" quotation that became a worldwide fashion statement. The horror series revived her career and gave her many accolades including two Emmy awards. That's quite a legacy to completely leave behind.

Could This Be The Twist We've Been Waiting For?

Yas Queen! Lange is the supreme of "AHS." (via FX)
Yas Queen! Lange is the supreme of "AHS." (via FX)

The twist that Ryan Murphy promised us will happen in the next episode and what would be bigger than the return on American Horror Story's biggest star? Lange said on multiple occasions that she's done with the show but there were reports that she'd consider coming back if Murphy penned her a strong enough part. If she were to return, they'd definitely keep it a secret — much like everything else this season.

The secrecy surrounding Roanoke started months before the season even began, with many wondering what the season would be about. When the theme was finally revealed on premiere night, the documentary format of the show mixed with the darker tone confused many people. Fans were right to doubt it as the documentary format finished last week and now we're left with the producer of Roanoke Nightmare continuing on the quest.

We can only speculate about the twist but if the producer of the documentary encounters the real Tomasyn White, who else would be able to play the character? Casting a new actress at this stage would be a bit of a cop out. If Lange were to appear as the character it would likely send the internet into meltdown and it would definitely be a worthy twist.

(via FX).
(via FX).

We can only speculate about where American Horror Story: Roanoke will go next but judging from the latest promo it'll be in a completely new direction. With a huge twist on the way it's anyone's guess what new (or old) locations we will see. Now that the documentary has ended, the real story of Roanoke can begin and I very much doubt that we've seen the last of The Butcher. That bitch is territorial and who is better at playing territorial bitches than the Queen of American Horror Story, Jessica Lange?

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays on FX. Would you like to see Jessica Lange return in Roanoke as The Butcher? Tell me what you think in the comment section below.


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