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No matter what season of FX anthology series American Horror Story is your favorite, there's no denying that Jessica Lange is the greatest part. As much as we love Lady Gaga, there is only one queen of and that is Jessica Lange. Over the course of the first four seasons, Lange portrayed four equally vindictive yet entirely loveable characters. From 's Sister Jude to 's Fiona Goode, we loved them all.

When she departed from the show following Season 4's , fans around the world were devastated that they'd lost their queen. Despite the inclusion of the brilliant Lady Gaga and a return to more traditional horror for , American Horror Story lost most of its magic when Lange bid farewell.

However, despite Lange's previous claims that she's done with the show for good, there is still some hope of her returning to American Horror Story and in a new interview with OUT magazine, Lange and AHS co-creator Ryan Murphy look back at their time together on the show:

RM: Something people always ask me is, “When is Lady Lange coming back to American Horror Story?” My answer is always, “Well, I’ll just keep blackmailing her.” [Laughs.] What was your experience like doing it? You have such an audience from it.

JL: Even now, people will come up and say, “Oh, my God, I loved you on American Horror Story.” What you did for me over those four seasons was create these extraordinary characters. You gave each of them some bizarre history and allowed me as an actor to build on that to make it more real. I loved every one of them. Sometimes I felt our story would jump the tracks [laughs], but they were always amazing characters to play. And for me that’s the only thing that matters: Do I have a character I can sink deep into to find all the emotional turmoil? A character who’s just barely hanging on, always walking that line between madness and sanity? Those are the kind of parts I’ve always gravitated to. Those four and now, of course, Crawford — they were just so complete, with a kind of bottomless depth.

[Credit: FX]
[Credit: FX]

Lange is currently filming Ryan Murphy's brand new anthology series entitled Feud: Bette and Joan where she will be playing the leading role of Joan Crawford opposite Susan Sarandon's Bette Davis.

will only run for eight episodes and, as you can tell from this interview, Lange clearly has a passion for her four characters from American Horror Story, so is there still a possibility of her returning to the show one day?

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[Credit: FX]
[Credit: FX]

As I said, this new interview highlights Lange's love for the American Horror Story characters she played, noting the "emotional turmoil" as the thing that drew her to all four of them. Her time of AHS earned her several awards including two Primetime Emmy Awards; one for her portrayal of Constance Langdon in Murder House and the other for Fiona Goode in Coven. Lange had some incredibly unforgettable moments on the show from Jude's hilarious musical moment "The Name Game" in Asylum to Elsa Mars' performance of classics like "God's and Monster's" and "Life On Mars" on Freak Show. Why wouldn't she return some day?

Lange left American Horror Story to pursue other projects, including playing Mary Tyrone in Long Day's Journey Into Night on Broadway, a role that won her a Tony award last year. Now, she plays Crawford in Feud: Bette and Joan and once this limited series reaches its conclusion there is nothing to stop Lange from returning to American Horror Story, at least for one season. Murphy's plan to pull of a Murder House/ Coven crossover would be impossible without Lange — her Coven character is arguably AHS' most well known character and we would love to see Fiona Goode turn up on the show again in all her fabulous-ness. With Lange's love of American Horror Story apparent in this interview, could we see her make a comeback to the show?

[Credit: FX]
[Credit: FX]

Whether or not Lange does return to American Horror Story, it's pretty cool to hear that many people still recognize her for her performances on the show. It's also pretty cool that Lange is becoming more and more aware of her devoted fans and, with any luck, the one true supreme of American Horror Story will grace us with her presence one more time. One can dream, right?


Would you like to see Jessica Lange return to 'American Horror Story'?

American Horror Story will return to FX later this year. Feud begins airing on FX March 5th.

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(Source: OUT Magazine)


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