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Based on the international hit Sasuke, American Ninja Warrior is a tough obstacle course for would-be ninjas. It's an unrelenting test of agility and strength, and many have failed to complete it. The courses get tougher as the contestant tries to beat the clock and make their way through with little time to rest in between.

But , a stuntwoman on , didn't let the time or the difficulty break her when she took on Stage 2 of in USA vs. the World. In 2016 she became the first woman to ever complete stage one of the Las Vegas National finals, and she was the first woman to represent USA in a post-season competition. And she became the first woman to ever complete stage two, as we'll see in the “USA Vs. The World” special airing Sunday, June 4 on NBC.

Though she faces a lot of pressure when she takes on these courses, Jessie doesn't let that stop her from achieving her goals, even if it does get scarier every time she takes on an obstacle. Speaking to CinemaBlend, Graff talked about how she channelled the pressure positively:

The more time and effort I invest into this, the more devastating it would be to fail. It's become such a part of my life and identity, that it feels like I have so much to lose. It's scarier every time I do it. But I pride myself on being a person who conquers fears. I use that pressure to push me harder during the months prior to competition, and set it all aside at the starting line, where it would only serve as a distraction. But even more importantly, I remind myself that no matter how far I go or how early I fail on the course, the strength and confidence I've gained in pursuit of the goal is more valuable than the results of an obstacle course.

When asked after her run through the course what this success means to women, Jessie responded with "it says we can do anything."

The new season of American Ninja Warrior begins June 12th on NBC.

(Source: CinemaBlend)


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