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I'm legitimately not sure what's happening in this trailer for Alex de la Iglesia's new horror comedy Witching & Bitching (In Spanish, Las Brujas de Zugarramurdi), but it's amazing and I love it and the movie needs to be in front of my eyeballs RIGHT NOW.

In what looks like the start to a bad joke, crucifix Jesus, a plastic Army guy, and Minnie Mouse all walk into a bar, or in this case, a bank, and all Hell breaks loose...literally.

The plot revolves around a group of robbers who flee a Spanish town after pulling off a heist that sees them make off with 25,000 gold rings. Unfortunately for them, they become cursed and soon fall into the clutches of the witches of the town of Zugarramurdi, and that's about when ish goes to Hell and they have to run for their lives.

The trailer is definitely NSFW and will probably offend any deeply Christian friends you have, so maybe be cognizant of where you watch this. Have at it:

Iglesia is Spain's premier cult director of black comedies, and his tone is reminiscent of both and . The film boasts some of Spain's biggest stars, most notably , and .

So, what you're saying is Del Toro/Jackson hybrid + Shaun of the Dead-style black horror comedy + an all-star cast? Count me in like whoa.

The movie will be released in Spain in September, but no word yet on when it will hit us stateside. So follow us to keep up to date on all the latest news about this project.


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