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Before you answer that question, think about all the biblical characters, both villainous and good, the boys have faced so far. Angels, demons, Crowley, God, God's sister, the hounds of Hell, Lucifer...if it's in the Bible, Sam and Dean Winchester have either made an alliance with it, banished it, saved it, or worked to slay it. I mean, this clip, for example, is Lucifer possessing the body of a fallen angel challenging the King of Hell. Who has one of God's hidden holy weapons.

Season 12 Episode 4, “American Nightmare,” gave us our first big clue that none other than Jesus might be guest starring on . And soon.

Warning: spoilers for this season of Supernatural follow!

The episode starts with Olivia walking through her Catholic church, bearing the signs of the Stigmata. The further she walks down the aisle, the more signs appear, until she dies what looks like a very painful death.

The Stigmata...heavy stuff. This is probably the biggest sign of Jesus' possible arrival, but it's not the first time His name has been thrown out there over the years.

A Very Slow Build

In seasons past, the Jesus' name has come up a few times.

In Season 6, Eve, the Mother of all Monsters, breaks it to Rick the Jesus-Loving Truck Driver that JC was just a man.

In Season 9, the pagan god Vesta complained that Jesus killed her mojo, referring to him as “the hippie from Bethlehem.”

Ouch, you freaky Stepford Wife-looking lady.

Who Else Is Left If Not Jesus?

The show is really starting to run out of good and bad supernatural beings to throw into the mix. Pretty soon, they're going to have to start tapping Lord of the Rings, bringing in Hobbits and Elves. Introducing Jesus, now that God and his sister Amara have moved on, just makes sense.

"But," you might be asking yourself, "aren't they afraid of offending Christians?"

I'm going to go out on a olive tree limb and say that's a big "no." After making God an alcoholic, porn-loving bisexual last season (he was going through some things, you know how it goes), I doubt there are any easily-offended Christians left watching the show, so it's pretty safe to bring in the Son of God.

Especially since Lucifer just won't stay in his cage!

Castiel, Crowley, Dean and Moose really do need more help taking care of that guy.

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Supernatural has repeatedly shown that it's not afraid of bringing in epic goodies and baddies from the Bible, and turning those legends on their heads but always doing it respectfully. Which tells us one thing: The Stigmata making its appearance on the show could be the start of many signs of Jesus' second coming...or his first coming, to the show, at least.

So, be on the lookout for any new guest stars with long, flowing brown hair, a beard, and a knack for carpentry and healing the sick!

Would Jesus appearing on Supernatural make you stop watching the show? Let me know in the comments!


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