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The Walking Dead may have broke our hearts during the Season 7 premiere that saw the graphic demise of Glenn and Abraham but we haven't had much time to recover as the action simply hasn't stopped since. Negan's unexpected visit to Alexandria during last week's episode left many of us shaken, so this week's episode restored a little order.

It would be a fair argument to say that has been spreading itself a bit thin with the amount of locations the show is covering between Alexandria, the Savior's camp and The Kingdom and the latest episode — "Go-Getters" — saw the show return to the Hilltop — a location we haven't seen since Season 6.

Without a doubt, the best thing about the latest episode of the hit zombie drama was the return of Tom Payne's Paul "Jesus" Rovia, who did his best to keep the peace at the divided Hilltop colony. Throughout Season 6, many of us were on the fence about Jesus and whether or not he could be trusted but, if anything, this episode is proof that he is one of the good guys. In fact there is definitely evidence to suggest that Jesus could be the one to take down Negan or in the very least, lead the group that eventually does.

He Has Shown Great Leadership Qualities

Jesus stood by Maggie and Sasha. [Via AMC]
Jesus stood by Maggie and Sasha. [Via AMC]

One thing that became extremely apparent throughout "Go-Getters" is that Jesus is an excellent leader and, although he would never admit it himself, the character managed to resolve quite a lot of conflict. He may have only been in a few episodes of the show, but Jesus has shown himself to be extremely skilled at decision making and helping people out — in fact, he's a bit of a sweetheart which is not a word I would've ever thought I would use to describe a character from The Walking Dead. Jesus cares about people in a way that none of the others do and this makes him unique as it's not a common quality that people living in this post-apocalyptic world possess.

The most important thing about Jesus in "Go-Getters" was his inability to give up — although his alleged leader Gregory refused on several occasions to let Maggie and Sasha stay, Jesus refused to throw them out. He argued their corner and in the end he decided that he would stand up to the incompetent leader. In the process, Jesus established himself as a worthy candidate to lead in the future and, if it should come to it, keep the people out of harm's way.

He Has Excellent Fighting Skills

Jesus kicks some serious ass. [Via AMC]
Jesus kicks some serious ass. [Via AMC]

I always knew that Jesus was a bit of a badass — who could forget that time he made Rick and Daryl run after him wearing a full length black trench coat? — What I wasn't aware of is that he is an excellent combatant. This episode saw the Hilltop colony become overrun with walkers and Jesus showed no hesitation about jumping into action to take them out with Sasha at his side. Within minutes he was kicking the walkers in the head, one by one, and taking them out without the use of guns or any sharp object.

Skills like this are rare and to have them in a zombie apocalypse will definitely come in handy, whether you are taking out the humans or the walkers. This gives Jesus an advantage that none of the other characters have. We've met many colorful characters along the seven seasons of The Walking Dead and very few of them were as combat ready as Jesus is. And if it comes to war with Negan, then Jesus certainly stands a chance of making it out of that war alive.

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The Biblical Connotations Are Filling In The Story For Us

Will Jesus be the savior? [Via AMC]
Will Jesus be the savior? [Via AMC]

I'm sure you've noticed that the past few seasons of The Walking Dead have been extremely heavily on the biblical imagery and connotations throughout, specifically this season. Between the introduction of the Kingdom and their choirs to Negan's group being named the Saviors, there is a lot of religious themes running throughout the show. If we are to believe that this is deliberate, then that would make Negan a satanic figure and in the Bible, who possesses the power to extinguish Satan? Yeah, you guessed correct — it's Jesus.

Just like in the Bible stories, The Walking Dead's Jesus doesn't seem like someone with the capacity to lead but "Go-Getters" proved that he is completely capable of doing so. Again, like in the Bible, Jesus is extremely passionate and caring about everyone he comes into contact with. We've all been hoping that someone would come along and take out the devilish Negan and even though we thought it would be Carol, it could be the long haired Hilltop leader that does the job.

The Walking Dead has been building the character up for a while and, during this episode, he totally proved himself as more than just another background character — Jesus not only has what it takes to survive in this world, he has what it takes to lead others. The writers know what they are doing with the religious connotations of the show and if they follow through then Jesus could be the one to save us all from the devilish Negan.

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There may be at least three different main locations this season, but one thing is for certain: Negan is in charge everywhere. The villainous tyrant has already acquired The Kingdom too, meaning that nobody is safe from his reign of terror. However, in one episode Jesus has accomplished what no-one else has been able to this season by showing leadership and if he succeeds in figuring out where Negan and his followers are residing then it could be him to take down the wicked villain once and for all.

Tom Payne is excellent in this role and in one episode, he has managed to make Jesus my favorite character. I can't wait to see what lies ahead for Jesus in the coming episodes.


Do you think Jesus has what it takes to save everyone from Negan?

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