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Flicks and the City caught up with ' 20-year-old adoptive son, Jett, for a Star Wars-themed chat. Although obviously reluctant to give away any remotely spoilery details about the upcoming trilogy, he did address some of the main unknowns concerning the movies that will continue the saga created by his father. Here are some of the interview's highlights:

Asked about what he'd like to see in the new trilogy, Jett first of all let this little bomb drop:

That's a tough question to answer, because to tease you guys more, I already know what happens.

Hmm, I wonder how many 20-year-olds in the world are privy to the ultra-secret details of Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens? Jett's probably the only one right now, but it makes sense that the mastermind's son is in on all the action going on in pre-production (even though Lucas isn't directing or writing the script, he'll have a lot of creative power in this trilogy's development). Jett, following up on his smug reveal, added:

I'm happy with what's going to happen. I would like to see it follow a new generation. I'm not saying that's what happens. I'm saying that's what I would like. Because to me these next movies are about the next generation, as the prequels were about a new generation, and the originals were for that generation. So I think following a new generation, and a new group of heroes and villains, I think that's the right move to make and that's where I would want it to go.

When asked about the possible return of the original cast:

I think it would be awesome. Who doesn't want to Han Solo cruise through on the Falcon again? But at the same time, maybe he’s teaching his son how to drive on it.

On the craziest rumors he's heard of:

There’s been rumors, which I thought were pretty crazy, that some of the actors from Star Trek were going to play in Star Wars, which I know would never happen.

Regarding 's hypothetical casting:

I don't know if I would be so thrilled. I think that would be the beginning of the apocalypse to if you were to cross Star Trek with Star Wars. I think that's a dangerous combination. Again, it would be interesting. It's an idea to explore if anything.

Another rumored casting addition circulating lately was . Asked if he would like to see the young actress appear in Episode VII, Lucas responded:

I would. I like that they're not going mainstream with it, and they're keeping to the conduit if you will that my dad kind of applied to all his movies, except for he couldn't escape Harrison, but new faces, and I 100% subscribe to that.

Watch the rest of the interview below:


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