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We're all excited about the steady stream of summer blockbusters that are still hitting theaters, but with the warmer months swiftly flying by, it's a good time to focus on the movies that are coming later in 2017. And for all us horror fans, July means getting prepped for Halloween.

This October we're getting an eighth installment of the popular and groundbreaking franchise, with Jigsaw bringing us back into the world of the Jigsaw murders after a seven-year break from the cinematic series.

Lionsgate had been keeping us in the dark until very recently, when it was announced that the film's original title Saw Legacy was changing to Jigsaw. Now, we're getting a little more information about the film, including the first official poster, courtesy of Check it out below:

'Jigsaw' (2017) [Credit: Lionsgate/Twisted Pictures]
'Jigsaw' (2017) [Credit: Lionsgate/Twisted Pictures]

In addition to the poster reveal, we're also told that will have a presence at San Diego Comic-Con International. Jigsaw himself, actor Tobin Bell, will be signing autographs on site, while Jigsaw directors Peter and Michael Spierig will participate in the Reinventing panel. Both Jigsaw showcases will take place on Friday, July 21, so plan accordingly if you're attending the convention and want to catch these events.

There's no telling if Lionsgate will drop a teaser for Jigsaw while promoting the film at — but if this does happen, we will definitely be there with the update.

Keep your eyes open for all things Jigsaw and be sure to catch it when it hits theaters on October 27.

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