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Lionsgate has officially announced the upcoming eighth installment in the Saw franchise, . While the announcement was more regarding the title change from Saw: Legacy to Jigsaw, it did manage to confirm the release date of October 27, 2017.

The studio made things even more official via the Twitter account:

We haven't seen a Saw movie since Saw 3D: The Final Chapter in 2010, and (if you recall) the movie left us with quite a few cliffhangers. Many fans speculated whether the franchise would ever return. Not only that, but we were left wondering how exactly the story could continue if it did return.

For those who need a refresher course, I am here to talk about where we left off in the Saw universe and prepare you for another Jigsaw-filled Halloween season. Where Saw 3D left us is important, because if Jigsaw is indeed another sequel to the original story, then we are going to need to remember what happened in previous films — more specifically, the "final chapter."

What Happened In The Last 'Saw' Movie?

Saw 3D continued right where Saw VI left off and showed exactly how Jigsaw apprentice, Detective Hoffman, escaped what was supposed to be his final test. John Kramer's ex-wife, Jill, had carried out his wishes to eliminate Hoffman and pass the torch to yet another secret apprentice, but Hoffman escaping was not part of the plan.

Jill moves on to seek protection from the police while a separate game is played with a character named Bobby Dagen. Hoffman eventually finds and kills Jill using the original Reverse Bear Trap from the first Saw film. But remember when I said there was another secret apprentice?

Just after Hoffman kills Jill, he is taken by two men in pig masks and surprised by Dr. Gordon, who is quickly revealed to be the third apprentice that Jill delivered a videotape to in Saw VI. Dr. Gordon's videotape had instructions covering what to do if anything happened to Jill. Seeing how Hoffman kills Jill, it's safe to say that Dr. Gordon locking him in the original bathroom trap was part of the plan.

Basically, by the end of Saw 3D we had Jill Tuck dead with Dr. Gordon operating as Jigsaw. Hoffman was chained at the ankle in the bathroom (just like Dr. Gordon and Adam were in Saw) and left to die with no hacksaw to escape with.

Why Focusing On Jigsaw Is The Right Move

As you can probably tell from the summary of Saw 3D, it got to be a little busy. By the seventh film, we had a lot of characters to keep track of and a lot of subplots and key bits of information that we had to remember. Whether we were happy with the way it ended or not, the question of what happened to Dr. Gordon and Hoffman still remain.

Moving forward with Jigsaw, it leaves you to wonder if the movie will take a new direction or whether it will focus on where Saw 3D left off. However, the title change implies that the direction of the eighth installment might have shifted gears at some point. It's very possible the movie went from focusing on the legacy of the franchise to bringing audiences back to the actual practice of Jigsaw murders.

As the franchise went on, we got sort of lost on the reasons why John Kramer began testing individuals in the ways that he did. After Hoffman was revealed as an apprentice in Saw IV, the storylines began focusing on how he'd use his Jigsaw status to kill people (including his fellow apprentices) for fun.

If Jigsaw is set to focus on the original concept of John Kramer's work and show that it's still going on, it would be a step in the right direction by reintroducing us to the franchise on the original concept. It also could answer the question of whether Dr. Gordon continued on with Kramer's work with his two apprentices (Brad and Ryan), or if he also walked away after leaving Hoffman in the bathroom.

Either way, Jigsaw will bring us back into the world of the successful franchise. After all, if it's Halloween, it must be Saw.

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