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Jim Carrey has shared a rare selfie with his fans to celebrate Easter, Passover or "whatever reason you can find to feel warm and fuzzy" and the star looks almost unrecognizable in the candid snap.

The reactions from fans to the unexpected snap were a mixed bag that oscillated wildly from concern, confusion and celebration and below is a round up of the best Tweets.

Who Dis?

Many fans had trouble recognizing Jim Carrey and some even commented that he was looking a lot like the late Robin Williams in the new snap.

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Psychedelic Speculation

Some people speculated that Jim Carrey was looking a little different thanks to his heavy experimentation with psychedelics for his role in the upcoming Terrence McKenna movie.

Fuzzy Feelings

Many people were simply happy to share their fuzzy feelings with Jim Carrey and express their admiration for the 55-year-old star/the world in general.

Did you recognize Jim Carrey when you first saw his new Easter selfie?

[Credit: Universal Pictures]
[Credit: Universal Pictures]


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