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Kimmy Kimmel hosted the 2017 Oscars, and for the most part, he did an excellent job. He was funny, he kept the atmosphere light, and he made it feel like a celebration rather than a long-winded ceremony. But all of Kimmel’s efforts seemed like they were for naught, when the Oscar ceremony was derailed by one of the oddest events in the show's history.

The Oscars [Credit: ABC]
The Oscars [Credit: ABC]

Somehow, Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty announced the wrong winner for the Best Picture category, and the cast and crew of La La Land went up on stage and started giving their acceptance speeches. In the most cringe-worthy twist, the speeches were then halted, after the real winner, Moonlight, was announced.

The fiasco was strange enough on its own, but there seemed to be conflicting stories as to how something like this could happen. Luckily, Jimmy Kimmel used the opening monologue of his show to explain what actually happened during this year's Oscars shenanigans, and to shine some light on the confusion that surrounded the incident.

Jimmy Kimmel Recaps The Best Picture Fiasco

In the opening monologue of the Jimmy Kimmel Show, Kimmel refers to the ending of the as “The strangest TV finale since Lost”. Kimmel confirmed what many had guessed: that Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty were handed the Best Actress envelope by mistake, and that is why Mr. Beatty didn’t announce the winner, because he sensed something was amiss. Beatty instead showed the card to Ms. Dunaway, who announced La La Land as the winner — or, as Kimmell put it, "Clyde threw Bonnie under the bus."

Kimmel then goes on to state that he didn’t know anything was wrong and was planning to close the show out from the audience next to Matt Damon, who Kimmel claims was the "biggest loser" that night. Damon and Kimmel noticed a commotion on stage, and Damon told Kimmel that he heard the stage manager say that they announced the wrong winner. Kimmel then sauntered on stage, and the whole event played out as we saw it on television.

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Kimmel makes a joke that his first instinct was to tell La La Land producer Justin Horowitz to run, but he did not, and Mr. Horowitz handled the situation with grace and dignity – which was extremely impressive. Kimmel explains that nobody on the stage knew what the hell was going on, and he was making all his best efforts not to laugh at the situation. Kimmel then ushered Moonlight director Barry Jenkins to the microphone, who gave a moving speech, which was somewhat overshadowed by the ensuing calamity.

Jimmy Kimmel Clarifies What Really Happened During The Best Picture Fiasco

The Jimmy Kimmel Show [Credit: ABC]
The Jimmy Kimmel Show [Credit: ABC]

Kimmel also addressed tongue-in-cheek rumors that the mix-up was an elaborate prank set up by Kimmel, but he clarifies that he had nothing to do with it – and if he did he would have put a Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupon in the envelope. After the Oscars, Kimmel went to Warren Beatty, who showed Kimmel the envelope that had “Emma Stone La La Land” written on it.

Acting as lead detective on the case, Kimmel explains that there were 2 separate Best Actress cards, and that Emma Stone had the other one in her possession. This is a good thing to know, seeing as Emma Stone was telling the press that she was holding the only Best Actress card, and seemingly discredited Warren Beatty’s claim – in the sassiest way possible. Kimmel clarifies that for whatever reason, the Academy has 2 cards for each category.

Price Waterhouse Oopsers

As we know now, the Price Waterhouse Cooper took responsibility for the fiasco, and issued a tweet that clears Kimmel, Beatty, Dunaway, and The Academy of any fault.

With everything out in the open, it is easy to see how the fiasco happened, and how confusing it must have been for everyone involved. While Price Waterhouse Coppers takes the blame, it was a mistake, and not some nefarious plan to give the Oscar to the wrong film.

The Oscars [Credit: ABC]
The Oscars [Credit: ABC]

Thankfully, the cast and crew of both La La Land and Moonlight were extremely gracious, and handled the situation the best way imaginable. Jimmy Kimmel also did his best that evening, and hosted one of the most entertaining Oscars in years – even if we didn’t get the hilarious Matt Damon ending that was planned.

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