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The premiere of the second season of Supergirl was aired last night on the CW and not only was it a fresh return to our favorite heroine but it introduced Superman into the Arrow-verse and overall, it was an epic start to the second season. We also saw yet another inspiring scene with Kara and Cat Grant, a mischievous introduction to Lena Luthor along with references to her menacing brother, and at the end of the episode, we saw the birth of Metallo, who will reign on Superman and Supergirl's parade next episode. As promising as the second season of Supergirl looks right now, there has now been a very intriguing element added to the table.

James Olsen Will Become A Superhero

If memory serves you well, you may remember that after Diggle's helmet reveal before the fourth season premiere of Arrow, many fans including myself speculated that Diggle was going to eventually take up the codename and mantle of the Guardian. Obviously, this is not a plausible theory anymore as it is actually James Olsen on Supergirl who will become the vigilante. Here's what executive producer Andrew Kreisberg had to say about this, revealing the news to the public:

"James has a pretty big turn coming up. These next few episodes are going to make him realize that being a not enough for him, so he's going to go on a pretty exciting career trajectory that we're pretty pumped by. James is going to decide that he can no longer sit back and be a sidekick, so he's going to become a vigilante. He's going to become Guardian, complete with the shield, which is going to cause a massive problem in his relationship with Kara, because he's not going to tell her. James will recruit Winn to be his "man in the van," so Winn will be helping both Supergirl and Guardian, but trying to keep his "night job" off the radar of Supergirl and the DEO."

Given this, it seems like the producers are making a big change with the Jimmy Olsen character on the show. While I'll discuss how this could play out down the line, this move sounds very interesting but is a big deviation from the comics. Of course, Jimmy Olsen is not black in the comics but is a red-headed white male and has never been behind the mask of the Guardian. He has, however, been a superhero before.

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Jimmy Olsen Has Been Multiple Superheroes In The Comics

This age of comics wasn't named the Golden Age for a reason, you know!
This age of comics wasn't named the Golden Age for a reason, you know!

There have been many times in the Superman comics where Jimmy Olsen became more than a sidekick and temporarily became a superhero himself! This primarily occurred in the Silver Age where Jimmy Olsen led his own comic series and these temporary superhero powers were mainly amusing rather than practical.

Pictured above, Jimmy Olsen is known for becoming the Elastic Lad (similar to the powers of Mr. Fantastic) for a short period of time after taking a special serum. He used these powers every now and then to help out Superman in defeating his enemies and at one point in time, he was granted membership into the Legion of Super Heroes. But alas, this superpower did not last forever.

He is also known for gaining the ability to grow beards instantaneously thanks to the good old Beard Band and also becoming Gravedigger Lad. On top of all this ridiculousness, nothing tops the time where Jimmy Olsen, well, grew into a giant turtle man after experimenting with a growth ray. Don't believe me? See it yourself:

Much later on in the comics, Jimmy became the superhero, Mr. Action, after developing multiple superpowers. He had these powers for a limited time and actually joined the Justice League and the Teen Titans yet Jimmy Olsen eventually, like his other attempts to become a superhero, failed and had to step down from being Mr. Action.

How Will James Taking The Mantle Of The Guardian Play Out?

As upset as some of you may be at the producers for totally changing the iconic Jimmy Olsen character and making him become the Guardian, this could actually play out really well on the show. Also, the character would eventually run out of things to do as he can't stand there and look pretty forever. In the comics, the Guardian usually has Jim Harper behind his mask and interestingly enough, he is the great-uncle of Roy Harper from Arrow. Obviously, that won't be the case in the TV series as just like the show is doing with Jimmy Olsen, they are totally changing the origins of the Guardian.

Moving forward, I'm actually more intrigued than upset that James Olsen is going to pick up a shield and become a superhero on the show. He has been sitting there as a useless sidekick watching Supergirl kick some ass and also get her ass kicked. Even though she has been a superhero for a decent time now, she is still nearly not as experienced as she should be. Superman is not going to stick around forever and after he leaves and more threats arrive, James will feel the urge to help Kara out and become a vigilante, which will bring a very interesting element to the show.

The most alluring aspect of James Olsen becoming the Guardian is the fact that he will not tell Kara that he is the man behind the mask of the new vigilante. On top of that, Winn will be helping out James as the Guardian (most likely in the same way Felicity helps the Green Arrow) and also keep the massive secret from Kara.

When Kara eventually finds out that her two closest friends have been doing this behind her back, it will not go down well and it will affect her relationship with James and her friendship with Winn. All in all, I am actually excited to see James become a superhero and I think it will be a fresh element to the show rather than a burden.


Does James Olsen becoming the Guardian on "Supergirl" excite you?

How do you guys feel about this massive change in James Olsen's character on Supergirl? Tell me below!


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