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J.K. Rowling, famed billionaire author of the beloved series, is no stranger to hitting back at those who come to criticize. But has one of those stories spun rapidly out of control? Early last year, a rumor sprung from the depths of Tumblr and spread like wildfire all over Reddit, eventually making its way to the broader world of social media. You may have heard the story, the one about and her rumored petty feud with famed British actor, Stephen Fry.

Over a year after the news story broke the internet, Rowling herself is finally clearing up the matter once and for all. As the story goes, Fry and Rowling met in the early days as Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone—Or Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone if you live in the U.S.—was quickly becoming a worldwide success and Fry had been cast to read the audiobook version of the novel. Supposedly, during a brief interaction between Fry and Rowling, she mentioned to him she was in the process of writing a sequel, to which he supposedly replied rather condescendingly, "Good for you."

But as the author stated on Twitter this morning, the story isn't true at all.

The phrase Rowling mentions in her tweet—what supposedly was her way of getting back at Fry—was a line in the third novel that simply couldn't pronounce properly. During the recording of Prisoner Of Azkaban, he came across the line, "Harry pocketed it." And apparently, as the now completely debunked story says, he could only manage to say the line if he did very slowly. Otherwise he ended up spouting, "Harry pocketeded it."

As the story continues, Fry phoned Rowling to ask her if he could change the line. Instead of agreeing, she told him no and included the line in the next four books to spite him. Well, thankfully, now we know that's total B.S.

In all actuality, I mean, did anyone really believe this story to begin with? I guess it was pretty easy to do. Sure, we all love our celebrity gossip stories, especially when they're about petty revenge. But both these people have only ever exuded mass amounts of class and elegance, with a slight touch of delightful humor, whenever they come across a combative situation (see J.K.'s epic Twitter responses to both bullies and trolling alt-right supporters). And it is the internet after all. As we've learned from the past year, believing and sharing every little thing - with even the most remote possibility of being true - without proper fact checking is a truly dangerous thing to do.

Many thanks to the amazing J.K. Rowling for finally putting this ridiculous story to rest.

[Source: EW]


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